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Wednesday, Sept. 21

@TheTweetOfGod:  At this point, no one still unfamiliar with the ordering process at Starbuck’s should be allowed on line. The stakes are just too high.

@someecards: Glad the Facebook redesign helped distract you from everything actually wrong with your life. #NewFacebook

@ColbertReport :With the end of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” all wars suddenly seem kind of gay.


Thursday, Sept. 22

@DellHomeUS: If your laptop weighs more than a baby #timetoupgrade

@BestWorstAdvice: Want to nail that job interview tomorrow? Start every sentence with “On the real, though.”

@NotGaryBusey: Instead of wanting Facebook to have a “Dislike” button, it should implement a “Cool story, bro” button.

@toomany2choose Um, Facebook? You’re not Lady Gaga. You don’t need to reinvent every 2 weeks. Seriously, is this your version of a meat dress? #newfacebook


Friday, Sept. 23

@Madeasimmons_: Have y’all ever seen the type of people that walk in Walmart?! Are they even God given creatures? #Sheesh!

@SpokenReasons A Woman Still In Love With Her Ex: “I don’t care about him”… (Logs on Twitter and sees what he’s talking about)

@jimmykimmel: let’s not kid ourselves “Toaster Strudel”, you’re puffy Pop Tarts.


Saturday, Sept. 24

@TechWhistle: Jackets win! Final score 35-28. Give ‘em hell Tech! #THWG

@funnyoneliners: When a cowboy breaks his leg, I think his horse should be allowed to shoot him.

Sunday, Sept. 25

@GAWANGG This guy is walking around the Ford Building with a beer bottle. Even I’m not that hardcore.

@andreagootie In the library again… Most likely shacking here #techwalkofshame


Monday, Sept. 26

@1FunnyWhiteGuy: Chris Brown hits her, Eminem lies to her, Drake can’t remember her name = The life of Rihanna, OH NA NA THATS A SHAME


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