Profile: Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS)

Promoting “green” lifestyles may be difficult alone, but there are also ways to connect with Tech students who share the passion of keeping Earth healthy in a fun and creative way.

Students Organizing for Sustainability, or SOS, was founded seven years ago as a tool for students to get informed and active with environmental advocacy projects on campus.

“It’s not just about recycling,” said Alice Shen, president of SOS and fourth-year CompE. “We are working from Tech outwards to make our planet more sustainable.”

SOS hosts a variety of events and projects that go beyond simply recycling.

The largest and most popular event celebrates Earth Day annually in April. The event brings out all kinds of organizations complete with freebies and a live band performance.

Other side projects are headed up by officer-led committees dedicated to brainstorming and hosting their projects which have included an organic community garden, an offshoot of SOS known as Starter Bikes, a “Campus Kitchen” geared toward donating leftover food to the homeless, “Weigh to Waste” and many more.

“Getting involved is easy and can result in great leadership opportunities,” Shen said

“You can be the director of any projects you propose.” SOS urges students to take initiative by stepping up with their own projects.

In addition to leadership opportunities, SOS provides a great networking opportunity. “We have lots of volunteer students with all kinds of majors and interests. SOS is also closely linked to the city of Atlanta so there are many chances to meet new, exciting people.” Visit their website at to get up-to-date information and to learn more about students organizing for stainability.


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