Finding arts and music at a technical university

Tech is a school simply for technology, without any creative minded students who love art or music, right? Wrong.

The Institute has developed many programs and clubs over the years for those right brained students who want to explore the more ‘artsy’ side of their left brain.

Different clubs on campus, such as DramaTech, Erato, the band program and many more channel energy into exploring the artistic world.

DramaTech is a student run and directed drama program that produces many fabulous shows a year. From main stage performances to improvised comedy, DramaTech continues to entertain the minds of many.

The students direct, act and produce the shows that they perform, and have a great reputation across the campus.

“I have done DramaTech for two years,” said Chelsea Fechter, a third-year BME major.

“I think it’s a great program that allows students to get involved and express their creativity. We do everything ourselves. We get the rights to different scripts and students act, produce and direct the shows. Most students who become involved in the program say that it’s a great way to maintain their sanity from the demanding world of calculus and chemistry,” Fechter said. “It’s a way for them to just let go of stress and have fun.”

Another program on campus that allows students to express a more artistic side is the Erato publication.

Erato is a publication composed of plays, short stories, artwork and poetry written by students and even faculty. The magazine is published once a year and students are welcome to join the staff which edits the magazine.

From literature to music, Tech has it all. The band and choral groups at Tech are top of their class, with a choral group performing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Georgia Tech Orchestra performing many popular concerts. The wind ensemble and concert band also attract quite a crowd and allow many students to explore the lyrical world of music.

The music program also has a jazz band, so students can play anything from classical music with the orchestra, wind ensemble, and symphonic band, or explore a more upbeat and fast style of music with the jazz band.

Jenna Fair, a second-year BME major, has great interest in the band programs and believes they have helped her in school.

“I don’t know what I would have done without these programs,” Fair said. “With all the stress of school and work, band is simply a place to come and unwind and perform music that relaxes the soul. I love to play with such a talented group of people. We all come together for the same purpose and that is that we all want to expand our minds and relax in a beautiful tune.”

Fair has taken three concert bands and marching band.

“I love the variety of music the band program has to offer. Marching band is so much fun and represents the school of music because they are so big and that’s who everyone see’s. But there is also much more to the music and arts program at Tech and I would encourage anyone to get involved,” Fair said.

Therefore, an ‘artsy’ student going to this school of technology should not be discouraged. Tech offers practically everything to students. It is just a matter of finding something that suits one’s interests.


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