CRC raises cancer awareness via pink initiative

Recent visitors to the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) may have noticed a few splashes of pink added to the rows of treadmills. These spots of color are two treadmills purchased from Cybex, a company that has established a partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). This is part of the “CRC Goes Pink” campaign to create awareness about exercising to reduce the risk of breast cancer during the National Breast Cancer Awareness month of Oct.

For every mile travelled on each treadmill, Cybex will donate ten cents to the BCRF as part of the campaign. The teams and individuals who log the most miles by the end of the month will receive prizes from the CRC.

The “CRC Goes Pink” campaign officially started Oct. 1 with a ribbon cutting ceremony by Institute President G.P. “Bud” Peterson and his wife, Val Peterson. The Petersons kicked off the the campaign by logging the first miles on the treadmills.

Other administrators, including Dean John Stein and ME professor Dirk Schaefer attended the event. Student leaders of both the undergraduate SGA and Graduate Student Senate (GSS) were also present.

“[Our goal is to have] someone on the treadmill at all times during the month of Oct.,” said Christie Stewart, the Assistant Director of the CRC.

Stewart has been working on the project with CRC Director Michael Edwards and Assistant Director of Communications Sara Warner since Aug.

All proceeds of the campaign go toward breast cancer research.

“It provides a great opportunity for the student body to work toward funding research as well as getting in shape,” said Cathy Schnure, Graduate Vice President.

To inspire friendly competition, the CRC Goes Pink campaign will host undergrad and grad students as they attempt to log more miles than one another on Oct. 29.

“While they have more people, we will definitely give them a run for their money,” said Anthony Baldridge, Graduate Student Body President, of the undergraduate competitors.

In any case, the GSS representatives plan to come most mornings for their personal contribution to this venture.

“This is a fantastic cause and while we collaborate every day on a host of issues, I am more than happy for the undergrads to compete to raise awareness for this fantastic cause. I really want for the student body to understand that cancer is something that is far-reaching and impacts us all, and if we can do anything to combat it, we should,” said Corey Boone, Undergraduate Student Body President.

Boone plans to run on the treadmill to do his part.

“I think, no matter who you are, you have been touched by the cancer issue. This is a new and innovative idea to bring the subject [increased] awareness,” said James Black, GSS Seretary.