Strategic Plan: In focus

On Tuesday, Aug. 31, Institute President G.P. “Bud” Peterson and several administrators rolled out the new strategic plan for the next 25 years of Tech’s future. While over a year of time and dozens of students and administrators’ opinions went into the production of the plan, Tech students often find themselves bogged down by the length of the plan for Tech in 2035.

Goal 1

One goal of the strategic plan is to relentlessly pursue institutional effectiveness. The Institute plans to align its jobs, work processes and technologies with the goals of service and innovation. A strategy for this goal is to develop innovative business procedures that will retain the best people within Tech. Additionally, Tech will engage in financial practices akin to those of both public and private peer universities to keep pace with both.

Goal 2

Another goal is to sustain and enhance excellence in scholarship and research. As part of an effort to give back to Georgia, Tech will assist the economy by supporting start-up companies in technology, along with graduating innovative leaders. Tech plans to push its professors to be the best educators in target areas such as nanoscience, national security, sustainable energy and biotechnology. Tech will pursue progress in interdisciplinary research.

Goal 3

A third goal of the strategic plan is for Tech to be among the most highly respected technology-focused learning institutions in the world. The Institute will encourage and reward learning initiatives, such as faculty-student interactions, expanded opportunities for disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary breadth and effective live-work-learn-play environments. Additionally, Tech wants to revitalize Midtown Atlanta to parallel society and culture with research and academia.

Goal 4

A goal is to expand Tech’s global footprint and influence to ensure that the Institute is graduating good global citizens. Tech will continue to foster international alliances to establish itself as an international hub for academia and research. The Institute will leave its footprint on the world in innovation and technology, and in turn, international institutions will leave their globalized mark on Tech. Through international programs, Tech will also embrace global students to the institution.

Goal 5

The last goal is to ensure that innovation, entrepreneurship and public service are fundamental characteristics of Tech’s graduates. Along with serving the state, Tech plans to serve strategic national and international institutions through entrereneurship and partnerships with K-12. The Institute will also incentivize faculty’s work in commercialization and lending of service to primary and secondary schools. Tech will also encourage faculty to pursue state, national and global leadership positions to create a platform for research discourse. This will also inspire in students an understanding of the importance of service and leadership.