Admin assists move-in

During a busy day of moving into dorms, Tech freshmen were greeted with a surprise at the curb: Institute President G.P. “Bud” Peterson waiting to give a helping hand.

Upper level administrators and campus leaders appeared at freshmen dorms to assist students in settling into their homes for the next year.

While move-in is generally handled by other organizations like the Greek community, this group made it a point to drop in on some unexpected students.

The day started with a trip to the Student Athletic Center (SAC) fields to greet the practicing marching band and to preview the performances they will perform during the football season.

After Bud’s message of encouragement, Buzz led the band in the Budweiser song.

Then, the President and the rest of the group traveled to West Campus dorms to help students with the heavy lifting involved in getting everything into the rooms. They spent nearly an hour there helping families.

The convoy of leaders then traveled to East campus, where cars lined a crowded Techwood.

Students had a general idea of the identities of many of these people, but it was a surprise to many.

“It was very overwhelming,” said Jordan Jackson, first-year BME major.

Others in the administration who came out to help freshmen included Anderson Smith, vice provost for Undergraduate Studies and Academic Affairs, Mike Black, director of Housing, John Stein, Dean of Students and William Schaffer, Vice President of Student Affairs.

Student helpers included Jonathan Walker, general manager of WREK, Corey T. Boone, undergraduate student body president and some of his executive board. Buzz also dropped in for help.

The tradition stretches back to former Institute President Clough’s initiative to help freshmen move in.