I Love GT Week

Students were invited this week to remember why they love Tech and take part in SGA’s I 3 GT Week. The week featured events all over campus that tried to renew the school spirit in Tech students.

The idea for the themed week came about because SGA wanted to find a way to beat the exhaustion that students sometimes feel before spring break.

“Every spring everyone gets down because there’s so much going on and fall is fun because of football so we just wanted to remind people why we’re proud to be Yellow Jackets,” said Corey Boone, SGA vice president of communications and third-year MGT.

SGA gave away T-shirts and stickers all week with the logo “I 3 GT Week” on them. Approximately 6,000 T-shirts and 10,000 stickers were given away to students in various locations on campus.

The events kicked off on Monday with breakfast with the Wreck, a breakfast event that gave away Krispy Kreme donuts from the Ramblin’ Wreck to students walking to class.

On Tuesday there was an all day exhibit in the library that allowed students to have a look at historical Tech artifacts like R.A.T. caps. There was also an opportunity for students to participate in the Take a Professor to lunch event on Tuesday.

Thursday also featured another breakfast event where Chick-fil-A biscuits were given to students by the Chick-fil-A cow from the back of the Wreck.

The freshmen leadership organization, FreShGA, is also hosted a block party at the campanile. There was also a flash mob—an event where a group of people meet, perform an unusual act in unison, and then disperse again—on Thursday in the Student Center.

The movie Up in the Air is going to be shown for free on Skiles Walkway at 7 p.m. on Friday.

The events will wrap up on Saturday with the performance of Hypnotech, a hypnotist performance by Brian Imbus, at the Ferst Center. During his performance, Imbus randomly selects members out of the audience and hypnotizes them while they are on stage.

There were also organized lecture crashes throughout the week where professors had previously agreed to let Buzz appear in classes and write, “class dismissed,” on the board to release students 10-15 minutes early.

“We want I 3 GT Week to be a sustainable initiative that can grow and be around Tech for years to come,” said Camelia Andrews, fifth-year IAML, who was in charge of creating the arranged lecture crashes.

SGA collaborated with RHA, Student Center Programs Council, the Ramblin’ Wreck Club, IFC, Pan-Hellenic, the Band and FreShGA to create the programs that were offered this week. Througout the week, SGA also partnered with prominent Tech figures like head men’s basketball coach Paul Hewitt to make appearances at the I GT Events. The events were funded by SGA, Buzz funds and corporate sponsors like Krispy Kreme and Chick-fil-A.