Nine ways to be a consistently annoying Facebook user

Sometimes it’s just downright outrageous how people can behave on the internet.

We’re all guilty of outrageous behavior, but some of them are so commonly done by people it could be categorized.

Here is a list of the most annoying types of people on Facebook.

You know that people who think they are SO good looking they feel as if the only way to truly express their outer beauty is through the constant uploading of photos of themselves?

Well, it’s only natural to point out their vain ways, whether it’s the constant changes of their profile picture, or millions of albums created by them containing photos of their faces and not much else.


It is perfectly healthy to feel good about yourself and flaunt confidence, it is just that everyone else who gets your photo notifications have to endure the hardship of putting up with your vain antics.

We are probably all guilty of this at some time or another, whether purposes were for that cute girl you happen to spot in your calculus lecture, a friend of a friend who you have spoken to once, or an ex who you might still have feelings for.

The stalker typically preys on those that have public profiles or little security on their page.

They will sift through your photos, read your status updates, and perhaps even leave a comment on a photo of you, with all the subtlety they can muster.

They might even claim that they know you better than you know you, and they’ll leave comments on that photo of that haircut you got in 7th grade, reminding you that you were once Simple Plan loving loser, which brings all the more embarrassment and shame down upon you.

Sometimes, people forget that they actually have a life in the real world and they simply forget to leave the computer to do some real interactions with people. Hence their 100% presence on Facebook chat 24/7.

This is the person that is constantly active on Facebook Chat and knows all of the latest news on your friends via their status updates.

These are the type of status updaters who do nothing but post depressing things about their life or express pessimistic views.

In fact, sometimes what they post is so disheartening, you begin to feel bad inside about how good (or at least normal) your life is.

Do you ever wonder how knowledgeable your friends are in terms of Leninist politics and philosophy?

I didn’t think so, but these are the people that will be sure to let you know just how much more educated and cultured they are than you.

If you are ever lucky enough to be tagged in one of their notes and you read it, it is quite possible to feel like you have just sat through a four hour lecture about determinism and its effects on modern society mind-sets?

And you wonder, as you sit in your room alone, whether your level of intellect will ever match up to theirs in a debate about the purpose of life, and then bury your forehead in your hands, realizing the fact that you are but a speck in the medium known as existence.

These are the type of people who love to document their everyday activities with a blow-by-blow recount through status updates.

It’s great. Oh gee, Wendy is brushing her teeth! How wonderful. Oh wait, Wendy is now putting on clothes! Now she’s walking to class.

Such superfluous information should not be sent to all their friends as a status update. You would have spotted a Frequenter when you visit a profile and their status updates outnumber wall posts from friends.

How could one person actually remember and be friends with 2000 people?

Sure, you can say “Well, you’re just not popular”, but having 2000 friends is really unnecessary.

If you think you can keep up with 2000 people, even on an acquaintance level, it would be thoroughly impressive.

And what good does it do if you are the person with the most friends on your friends list?

If this is an attempt at a popular contest, then you are sadly mistaken.

Perhaps these people are aware of some special networking powers that arrive after one reaches the 2,000 friend request that the rest of us have not discovered yet.

I’m pretty sure the main reason some people choose to permanently stay offline on Facebook Chat is because there is always that friend who loves to chat about nothing at all.

They seem to instinctively know that you are online, and immediately attempt to come into contact with you, and no matter how nice of a person you are, sometimes you just get fed up and log off Facebook altogether, just to get away from their incessant rambling.

Since the addition of the ‘like’ feature to all comment accessible posts on Facebook, things have become very different.

There are those who follow the normal standards of interaction (i.e. commenting and such), and then there is that constant presence of someone there, listening, and enjoying what is being said, but never uttering a word about anything.

It’s the cop-out for people trying to avoid the extra effort of typing down their thoughts but at the same time marking their acknowledgement of what is being said. In all, not a good way of expressing one’s feelings.