Back to school health and wellness choices abound

The beginning of the school year brings excitement, new opportunities, new schedules, and for some of us the stress of all these things can lead to weight gain.

Ample time to workout and make good food decisions often fade with the summer and many of us are left to find whatever we can to eat in between classes and settle for workouts consisting of walking to and from class.

Freshmen seem especially vulnerable to getting trapped in an unhealthy lifestyle while they become acclimated to college life.

Many students claim they gain the “freshman fifteen” within the first semester of college

The weight gain not only hurts many students’ self-esteem, but the bad food that often contributes to weight gain can also lead to poor health.

Poor health often leads to students feeling fatigued and getting sick more often; illness can often severely impact performance in class.

There are many options to minimize the back to school or freshman weight gain and Tech provides many resources to keep students feeling healthy.

Staying active is a major part of avoiding weight gain. One of the most important thing when establishing a fitness routine is making it fun so that you will stay with the program.

The CRC has many various opportunities for students seeking ways to add fitness to their everyday routine. The CRC’s G.I.T. Fit Program has everything ranging from Aikido classes to yoga classes. G.I.T.

Fit offers over 30 group fitness classes a week, most of which are covered in the $65 group fitness fee.

“The classes are really fun and motivational. It’s a lot easier to sweat it out with 20 other people,” said Judy Bau, third- year ISyE and instructor of the Bosu Blast group fitness class.

Intramural and club sports, also organized by the CRC, can be a great way to meet new people and enjoy a really enjoyable fitness activity.

And of course, there is always the opportunity to hit the treadmills or the track by yourself or with a friend.

Check out the CRC to see the many other services that they offer to students to help keep the campus stay in shape.

Although it is very tempting to grab something from the vending machine when you’re low on time, watching watch you eat is also an integral part of staving off the pounds.

Keeping a food journal is a good way to keep track of everything that you’re eating.

Because our schedules here at Tech can often be very hectic, it is also a good idea to keep healthy snacks around.

For those seeking more personalized advice about tailoring their diet to become healthy or loose weight, Stamps Health services offers the services of a dietician for $5 a visit. To schedule a visit call 404-894-1420 to leave a message for the campus dietician.