Doughnut chain soon to grace Student Center

Those seeking out more breakfast and coffee options around campus will be happy to know that Tech Dining is adding Dunkin’ Donuts to their lineup of restaurants located in the Student Center.

Dunkin’ Donuts could be an easier option for students looking to grab a variety of breakfast foods on-the-go.

“I think that breakfast is something we were a little underdeveloped on and we have needed to provide additional offerings,”said Dori Martin, Marketing Manager of GT Dining.

GT Dining sought out Dunkin’ Donuts in order to add more breakfast options to the menus already offered in the Student Center food court.

The eatery is famous for its doughnuts and coffee, but it also offers a wide variety of bagels, specialty coffee drinks, oven toasted breakfast sandwiches and bakery items.

Dunkin’ Donuts even offers a solution for those that are trying to eat more nutritiously by offering items on its menu that cut down on fat and calories.

The Student Center food court already offers eight different types of restaurants that vary in price and cuisine. The options include Far East Fusion (Asian cuisine), Ms. Ruthie’s Deli, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Rosita’s Cantina (Mexican cuisine), Essential Eats, a salad bar and The Cart (a variety of food items). The Student Center also houses four other restaurants on the first floor; Einstein Bros. Bagels, Pandini’s, Jackets, and Pizza Hut. Currently Einstein’s is the only restaurant in the Student Center that focuses on breakfast foods and serves breakfast all day. Chick-fil-A and Essential Eats are the only two breakfast options in the food court.

The Students Center’s coffee and smoothie bar, Chilly Beans, will be replaced by the incoming Dunkin’ Donuts. The location is separate from the other restaurants in the Student Center food court; this allows for the possibility of Dunkin’ Donuts staying open later than other restaurants. Dunkin’ Donuts’ menu will be mostly the same as any Dunkin’ Donuts found off campus and will still offer its wide variety of doughnuts and breakfast sandwiches. The operation is slated to open sometime in the early fall and Student Center employees are already participating in the required three week training in anticipation of its arrival.

At a school where coffee is almost a necessity, the addition of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee will seek to round out the coffee market present at Tech. GT Dining already offers coffee from several different locations including Seattle’s Best, Starbucks, Jazzman’s and Einstein’s. The addition of Dunkin’ Donuts allows the coffee consumer to be able to select a brew based on price or by preference.

“I like Dunkin’ Donuts because it’s cheaper than Starbucks so I probably will go there for coffee and muffins,”said Ashley Henry third-year BIO.

GT Dining also hopes that the incoming restaurant will make the atmosphere in the food court seating area brighter and more vibrant.

The addition might also add life to the food court in the morning. Currently, the morning atmosphere in the food court is quiet and many of the students congregate in the Student Center commons.

“I’m looking forward to more options and variety. It’s quicker, and provides a new atmosphere,”said Arpan Patel, fourth-year ARCH when questioned about the arrival of the Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant to the Student Center.