Construction overtakes Student Center parking deck

Tech is rarely in a steady state. Always changing and growing, this ever-evolving campus is bustling with new improvements and construction, occasionally at the student’s short-term expense.

The latest of these projects are the improvements on the many parking decks throughout campus, the most crucial of which is the Student Center Parking Deck (SCPD).

Like most of the other parking decks on campus, the SCPD is undergoing some structural repairs to the deck as part of a greater plan for the campus.

Due to the importance of this deck, it has received top priority.

“The main focus is housekeeping and keeping things from deteriorating,” said Jay Jenkins, the project coordinator.

“They’re in the first phase right now on the south end of the deck. The south side has been shutdown and is getting the bearing pads replaced. The structural conditions are also being checked,” Jenkins said.

“This section and phase is expected to be complete around early July with the remaining five sections taking about 30-40 days each,” Jenkins said.

“It’s scheduled to be completely finished by the end of November,” Jenkins said.

“On all the home football games it has to be completely open, so that may delay us a couple of days,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins also stated that the crew will be working with Tech Parking and Transportation to ensure that the deck will open be for any major special events. This will be accomplished by working on one section at a time to keep the rest of the deck open. Since the deck is usually never fully occupied, this should cause students little difficulty.

Students should be able to normally park in the area with little difficulty on regular days and should expect no costs aside from a standard parking pass.

The deck will be funded by the Tech Parking and Transportation budget, which in turn is funded by parking passes.

Other decks will also receive improvements similar to the Student Center Deck.

“There will be some minor repairs going on in the Burge Apartment Deck in the concrete area as well as ceiling repairs,” Jenkins said.

“If there are any questions or any problems students have in trying to access the deck, they should contact the parking office since safety is our key concern,” Jenkins said.