FASET undergoes improvements

After being accepted to Tech feelings of excitement are often soon replaced by the shock in realizing that there is a copious amount of information that new students must be familiar with to be successful at Tech.

It is no wonder that any freshman can simply be overwhelmed by all the changes that they are experiencing and information that is being thrown at them.

Thankfully the FASET orientation program sponsored by the Office of Success Programs helps new students to tackle this surplus of information.

The program provides some much-needed insight into the realities of Tech life for students and helps to make them feel at home before they even begin their first class.

FASET is a student-led orientation program that seeks to familiarize freshman with life at Tech.

The program was started in 1972 and stands for “Familiarization and Adaptation to the Surroundings and Environs of Tech.”

At orientation students and their parents attend meetings from different departments on campus that are instrumental in being successful at Tech. The Financial Aid office, Office of the Registrar and Georgia Tech Police are some of the many departments that answer questions and provide information to incoming students and their guests.

FASET is also the first opportunity for incoming students to register and become familiar with the OSCAR system. The program exposes students to the many resources that are available to them including tutoring and academic advisors.

The FASET staff also works hard to make it an environment where other freshman can socialize and make new friends to help ease the transition from high school to college.

The first freshman FASET orientation begins on June 17 with its only program for summer freshman. This is the first series of eight FASET orientations that will take place during this summer.

Following the program next week there will be five fall freshman FASET orientations and two programs for fall transfer students. The orientation for summer transfer students already took place in early May.

While many aspects of the program remain the same from last year, “We’ve enhanced certain aspects based on feedback,” said Erik Tack, FASET orientation coordinator.

“The most significant change this year has been in the training and selection of our leadership staff. We have taken our leadership staff and decreased it by 50 percent. With a smaller group there is a higher quality, more intense training that brings a more comprehensive experience,” said Bethany Naser, Director of Orientation and Transition Programs.

Following the success of the parent orientation program that was initiated last year at freshman FASET, the program is also being added to transfer student FASET. The staff is also adding an academic support and financial support information session for parents attending the orientation.

“They’re getting specialized information for parents”¦ we wanted to provide a session that provides more intentional programming for transfer students and parents,” Tack said.

In addition, the FASET staff is working with other departments at Tech to add student-led skits that inform and prepare students for all aspects of a social life Tech.

Some of these topics include diversity, alcohol education, academics and sexual health.

This is a change from last year when the skits focused mainly on diversity.

The program continues to focus on providing accurate information regarding aspects of Tech life. It is also especially important during this time to provide correct information regarding finances and campus safety because parents and students are currently very interested in these topics.

“[FASET] should be an opportunity to come to campus and learn about what the school expects, see resources, and get oriented so they feel like they’re already a part of campus when they get here,” Naser said.