Spring break options allow low-budget fun

The state of the economy has begun bleeding into all aspect of American life, from housing and finances to employment, leaving not even the relaxation-seeking college student unscathed. However, spring break, the traditional calm before the storm of final papers and exams, need not be sacrificed in the quest to save a few more dollars. Even if your budget can’t afford that sorority cruise or trip through Europe, you can still enjoy your time off using one of these budget spring breaks.

$1.75 per mile + $30 per night at any number of cheap motels: This time honored tradition is back in style now that gas prices are below four dollars a gallon, so hop in your car and tour the south.

$68 for an Atlanta CityPass: There is a great big city beyond North Avenue, and for Tech students who just can’t get away, the free week is a great time to go exploring. The Atlanta CityPass is a cheap option that provides discounted entry to such Atlanta highlights as the Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta and The World of Coke.

Free: It may be too late to get into one of Tech’s many “alternative spring breaks”, but socially conscious students can still have an impact here at home. Atlanta has many food banks, shelters and environmental groups that have been hard pressed by the economy.

$1.75 per mile + parking: Campus is only a short drive away from attractions like Lake Lanier or Stone Mountain. For students who don’t quite have the spare time for a full trip, these locations provide a quick escape from downtown without the commitment of an overnight stay.

$5-$35 per night: This cheap and nature-friendly option is a great respite for those who just can’t bear the thought of another night spent next to the connector. Georgia is full of state parks, some of them on the beach; check them out at gastateparks.org.