Top 10 on-campus jobs: What can you do for Tech?

By Melissa Hardman

Contributing Writer

With today’s economic recession, a good job is more important than ever. On-campus jobs have always been desirable because of the short distance to travel to work, flexible hours that leave time to study and participate in extracurricular activities, as well as perks and benefits that are unique to these particular jobs. If you are thinking about an on-campus job this semester, here are 10 interesting choices.

1. Math Department TA

Teaching assistants (TAs) work with a professor and teach recitations for a particular class. TAs also grade papers, hold office hours and complete one hour per week in the math lab, which is an extra resource for students to get help in math. As a TA, a person generally works five to eight hours per week and the pay averages about $13 per hour. Laura Stiltz, a fourth year MATH major, works as a teaching assistant.

“I strongly believe in having a job you would do for free…I know what I do really makes a difference,” said Stiltz when asked what she had gained from working as a TA.

If you are interested in becoming a TA, you are required to work a difficult problem set, complete an interview with the department, and work a problem in a mock classroom setting on video.

2. Athletic Association Tutor

Tutors give students extra help in a subject area they are strong in and help students better prepare themselves for tests. As a tutor for the Athletic Association (AA), a person works with students either one-on-one or in small groups. Sessions usually last for an hour. Tutors are able to decide for themselves how many hours they have time to work, and can work anywhere from six to eight hours a week to about 35 hours.

Pay averages around $13 an hour, but can sometimes be as much as $20. An exciting perk to being an AA tutor is the opportunity to travel with a sports team while spending time with talented student athletes. To become a tutor, letters of recommendation in addition to the application.

3. Peer Leader

Student staff members are placed in resident halls to help plan programs, implement policies and be a friend and advisor to the students on their floor. In Freshman Experience (FE) buildings, the staff members are called peer leaders and their job is to help students make the transition to college life more smoothly. Activities are organized to help residents make new friends and learn more about Georgia Tech. In other residence halls, the student staff members are called Resident Advisors.

These students organize programs to build community among residents and other special-interest programs, many of which focus on planning for the future.

4. Tech Rec

A variety of work opportunities can be found in the Student Center, and a particularly fun opportunity is in Tech Rec. Tech Rec includes a bowling alley, pool tables, table tennis, foosball and video games including Wii and XBox 360. Working at Tech Rec includes renting gaming equipment, answering customer’s questions and minor repairs and maintenance to the bowling lanes, pool tables and other equipment. Tech Rec is willing to train new workers and no prior experience is needed.

5. Library Worker

Students who work in the library help with re-shelving materials, retrieving materials using the online catalogue for the circulation of materials, and photocopying journal and magazine articles. Typing skills and attention to detail are important for this job. Hours are fairly flexible, but evenings, weekends, and semester break hours might be required sometimes. To apply, see the library website.

6. Lab Worker

There are labs in many of the departments on campus, including psychology, microelectronics, biology, chemistry and physics, with opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students. To get a job in a lab, talk to professors about research going on in your field. An added perk is the opportunity to receive pay or get course credit for the hours completed.

7. CRC

If you love visiting Tech’s award winning Campus Recreation Center (CRC), then you might want to consider one of the many job opportunities there. Jobs are available in many active areas, including aquatics, G.I.T. F.I.T, outdoor recreation and intramurals. Office jobs such as marketing and member services are also available.

8. Barnes and Noble

Working at Barnes and Noble involves ringing up merchandise, directing customers towards books and Tech spirit items, and taking inventory of merchandise. Barnes and Noble is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, so hours can be flexible and scheduled around classes and studying.

9. Music Listening Room

The Music Listening Room, located on the second floor of the Student Center, is a place for students to relax and listen to music from many different genres. Working in the Music Listening Room involves playing CDs and vinyl records during the day, handling evening rentals of materials and helping with the setup of Live Music Tuesday events.

10. Tour Guide

Tour guides play an important role in shaping a prospective Tech student’s impression of the campus on their first visit. Tour guides lead extensive walking tours of the campus to interested students and their parents, pointing out important places and giving an overview of Tech’s history and traditions. Tours are usually given in the morning and early afternoon along with an information session, but can also be required for special events.

If none of these jobs would fit your lifestyle or you’re looking for long-term options, check out Career Services for upcoming events, such as the Job Search Strategies program on January 27.