World travel, work, studying on students’ summer agendas

Summer for most students is usually a time for rest and relaxation, but some students here at Tech have decided to go that extra mile this summer and do something different. Many students are working full time, some are taking classes, while others may be traveling. Here is a look into the summer plans of some Tech students.

Michael Delinsky

Year: 2nd

Major: Architecture

What: School and Work

Company: Gold’s Gym

Are you taking classes?

Let’s see…I’m taking CS 1315 and Health this summer in order to get them both over with since they’re required for graduation and everything. Those two only total 5 semester hours so I also have time to work.

I live and work at home in Norcross and commute to Tech for classes Tuesday-Thursday (it’ll be Monday-Thursday after June 16th when Health officially starts). I’m working at Golds Gym which is a job I got last summer and kept through the year by working weekends.

Kevin Shain

Year: 3rd

Major: Management

What: Working full-time

Company: 3DScanCo

Describe your job:

I am an applications engineer at an engineering company called 3DScanCo. I work full time –40 hours a week Monday through Friday—operating a variety of 3D scanners, which is part of the process of converting physical objects into digital 3D models.

For a lot of the projects that we do, I will typically write up a case study to be used for magazines, advertisements, or other marketing uses, which highlights the nerdy things we did and how other people/companies might benefit from it.

Irshaad Goedar

Year: 3rd

Major: Mechanical Engineering

What: Internship and Work

Company: Siemens Energy and Automation

Describe your internship:

I will be helping out design a new global molding case circuit breaker (some new kind of circuit breaker). I’m not exactly sure what the details are of my responsibilities, but I’ll be working on a team of some high profile engineers…making the big bucks.

It’s a twelve week program and I start on Monday. I’m working two jobs. One is going to be a part-time gig. I’ll be working at the YMCA in Norcross and making the big bucks.

Sam Asghari

Year: 1st

Major: CS

What: Traveling and Working

Where: Iran and England

Company: Kumon Math and Reading Center

What will you be doing?

My summer plans are focused on a month-long, central trip with my family to England and Iran. While visiting Iran is primarily to catch up with family members and my parents’ hometowns, the stay in England is meant purely as a vacation.

With the majority of the family living in Iran and a large traveling distance between the two residences, visiting that large portion of my family is quite rare, which really leads to excitement towards the trip!

Other than that, my summer will spent working. I currently am tutoring young kids in math and reading at a Kumon Math and Reading Center, and plan to find another part-time job when I get back from Iran in July.