A look back

Life at Tech is always busy. The 2007-2008 school year marks some tremendous dates for the history of the campus. Through the failures and triumphs of the school and its individuals, Tech has imprinted itself in the memories of all the students and faculty.

Of course, the most significant news was Clough’s announcement of his departure after a 14 year tenure as President of Tech. While he respectfully left for other opportunities, longtime football coach Chan Gailey left as well, but without the same free will as Clough. For the seventh time in a row, Tech lost to UGA, spurring Gailey’s departure.

With the acquisition of the North Avenue Apartments and the completion of Klaus last year, the Institute saw a greater growth with construction projects like the Nanotechnology Research Building.

Many of Tech’s commuters felt the wrath of the 14th Street construction, which will last for at least several more years—not to mention the usual renovations along Bobby Dodd and around the stadium, including the Old Civil Engineering Building.

At least buildings at Tech were safe for the most part from this year’s natural disasters. While the drought emptied the Campanile and the Library fountains, the infamous Downtown tornado spared campus during Spring Break.

Unfortunately the year contained some remorse, as the deaths of several students and problems concerning violent crimes struck the hearts of many.

However, with the tragedies and successes aligned to form a memorable year for all of Tech’s denizens, attendants and caretakers—the students, of course. For those who “got out,” much congratulations; for many others, their stories have just begun.


Name: Joshua Adair

Major: ME

Most significant event?

Meeting so many new people, especially on my hallway, who are sure to be lifelong friends.

Funniest moment of the year:

Two of my hallmates went streaking in the Quad… after they asked my PLs for permission, of course.

How is Tech different?

Tech has a great campus community and so many different options for its students. Plus, there’s always the A-T-L!

Plans for the next few years?

I plan to stay on campus and stay involved with organizations while maintaining a high GPA. After I graduate I want to join the Peace Corps for 2 years and then get back into the engineering field developing green technology.


Name: Christina Graves

Major: BME

Most significant event?

Getting a PURA grant approved for my research over the summer.

Where you see yourself going:

I can actually see myself graduating, whereas I never saw myself doing that before. There is an end in sight.

Do you feel burned out?

Hell yes.


Name: Jason White

Major: ME

Most significant event?

I’m gonna have to go with the opening of North Avenue Apartments.

It drastically increases available on-campus housing spaces and provides infrastructure for the development of a sort of Sophomore Experience community.

Funniest moment of the year:

Some of the guys on my hall tore the door of a PL’s room and replaced it with a corral style Western swinging cardboard door.

What would you change ?

Dean Ray often says that she would much rather see students get an education than a degree. I feel much the same way… All the fancy new buildings, initiatives, and systems aside, it’s the people with a heart for this community and its members that drive this place… If I could, I would inject a dose of passion into this community, as the people I’ve described do.

I’d see people do more than pass through this community, more than merely give and take from it – I’d see them live in it, thrive in it, and love it.

Plans until graduation?

Hell if I know…


Name: JT Kowalchuk

Major: ME

Most significant event?

The most significant event for me this year was being the recipient of an awesome act of friendship. I lost a bag on campus that was really important to me over Spring Break and I while I was frantically searching for it, I called one of my best friends, Jason, for help.

He dropped what he was doing, left his Spring Break, and drove back to campus to help me find my bag.

We spent 5 1/2 hours scowering campus, diving in trash dumpsters and calling everyone that works with facilities that has a phone number. I definitely felt like I sometimes do – alone on campus (really, it was Spring Break and I was alone, but anyways…) and I got to see true friendship in action. We found the bag, by the way.

Funniest moment of the year:

The funniest thing to happen to me this year was when my housing team tried their hardest to take intramural dodgeball seriously. I don’t care if you’ve played baseball all your life, nobody can hit anything with those silly balls!

Plans after graduation?

My plans for graduation include moving to California and attending a Christian School of Ministry. Although I entered Tech with the expectations of starting my own spacecraft firm after graduate school, and then becoming an austronaunt, my experience counseling youth on campus and in my co-op community grew a passion that seems to me just as challenging and rewarding as being among the stars. And plus, this small-town Georgian kid thinks that going to Cali will be like an extended study abroad experience in and of itself.

I’ll still keep my Buzz hanging on my rear view mirror to remind me of all my GT friendships I’ve made along the way.

Past President

Name: Anu Parvatiyar

Major: 2007-2008 Undergraduate Student Body President

Most significant event?

This is difficult. I would say the work that we did over Fall Break. It’s been an on-going process, the Provost Task Force for Unergraduate Academic Initiatives.

Funniest moment of the year:

I played a lot of hide and seek in the library.

How did you influence campus?

I did a lot of listening, and I did a lot of asking questions… on a daily basis. I listen to a lot of students, and I never stop asking the questions.

Anything you want to change?

We had a lot of big impacts that won’t be felt for years. One of the other things we worked on as a campus-wide portal, was the IT services on campus. You always keep working for the little things.

A word to the wise:

The greatest impact you make on Tech is going to come … after you graduate from Tech as an alumnus. It’s important to focus on why you’re here.


Name: Darron Lubinsky

Title: Mathematics Professor

Most significant event?

The course swapping agreement between Tech and the Outer Okefonokee Community Swamp College for Wayward Boys and Girls, signed today.

Funniest moment of the year:

Funny? This is an institution of serious learning.

Most memorable experience:

I have no memory, so can’t recall any. Oops, where are my keys?

How was this year different?

I can’t remember previous years either.