A NIGHT IN THE LIFE OF the typical Tech student

Tech is a school known for its challenging academics and top engineering programs. It is infamous for its sleep-deprived students and all night study sessions.

Some students do not make it through all four, five, six or ten years that it takes to graduate, but others have found ways to make their stay at Tech a bit more tolerable. What goes on after dark is a completely different story from the routine, studious days of the average Tech student.

While classes take up most of the time on any given school day, Tech students really know how to liven up their nightlives. From partying to going out to eat in Midtown Atlanta, many students find something to do when they are not studying.

However, there are the students who do pull all-night study sessions. It is not surprising to see the library packed with busy students until five in the morning on a Friday night (Saturday morning, to be a bit more precise).

“It’s not really my choice to stay up all night working,” said Daniel Chaney, a first-year Architecture major, when asked why he chose to spend the night studying. “It’s not every night, but the amount of work Tech gives me often requires me to stay up until all hours of the night.”

But his days are not all work and no play. “On my free nights, I like to attend Braves games and Thrashers games… I try to get away from Tech when I go out because sometimes the environment here sucks my soul out,” Chaney said.

Some students really like getting out into the city of Atlanta to have a good time. Other students turn to their passion for sports as a way to enjoy the end of the day.

“During my free time, I play tennis. Nothing takes the edge off school like slamming my racket against a tiny yellow ball,” said Christa Aaron, a second-year Biomedical Engineering major.

Still other students really prefer the party scene at Tech. While Tech may not even be listed as one of the top 20 party schools in the country, parties do exist at Tech, and in large amount. Whether at a fraternity, apartment, or in someone’s dorm room, going to parties is the most popular way to spend the weekend.

“Toga! Toga! Toga! Woooh!” said Hakan Sanli, a first-year Biomedical Engineering major, when asked what his favorite theme for a party was.

“Themed parties are great because they allow you to get into character for fun times… It’s easier to interact with people at parties who are dressed up just as ridiculously as you are,” Sanli said.

Judging from the loud music emanating from the Greek houses on weekends, Tech students do still party despite the pressures of academics. Whether they are having a drink (only those 21 and older), dancing to loud, invigorating music or merely socializing, the party scene is definitely the place to be. Parties at Tech generally begin near eleven at night, often not ending until three or four in the morning, and even then they sometimes break down into smaller parties.

“Partying is one of the best ways I know to relieve the stress prevalent at Tech,” said Jacob Blumoff, a first-year Physics major. “My fraternity is a very welcome relief from the mind-warping vortex that is classes at Georgia Tech.”

Given that approximately a third of the Tech student body is Greek, it is not surprising that fraternity parties are easily the biggest social events after dark on campus. On any given Friday or Saturday night, as many as four or five registered parties may be occurring, each drawing crowds from fifty to over a hundred people. Parties are not only limited to those on campus, but also to clubs in Atlanta such as Opera and Moya.

Parties come in many varieties: themed, dance, band and just plain social, but all welcome the diversion from Tech academics. Weekends are an escape, a gift to be cherished, a rare commodity. Use them well.