Night of Diversity premieres at Tech

This past Monday, at 8:00 pm, the Student Center Theater hosted a diverse selection of entertainment performances from a host of different organizations. Diversity Night, an event celebrating the diversity of Tech’s students, was hosted in honor of the first anniversary of the chartering of the Georgia Tech chapter of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

Chartered at Tech on March 25, 2007, DPhiL is the newest member of the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC). The MGC was founded 2 years ago in order to “compensate for the lack of unity amongst multi-cultural Greek-lettered organizations,” according to the group’s website.

“[Even though DPhiL is an] Asian interest sorority…we felt the best way to celebrate was a showcase with our friends and other organizations that we work with and to be able to [show] the diversity of our school as well as our community including both greeks and non-greeks,” said Alison Kao, DPhiL President.

In front of a crowd as diverse as the performers, the night opened up with the Fu Brothers, a hilarious guitar duo. The Fu brothers parodied several popular songs with humorous lyrics not leaving any culture safe from their satire. Next, the rock band AmPLiTuDe played a cover of a Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song as well as some Indian rock.

Afterwards, the brothers of the Lambda Sigma Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. performed a “stroll.” Much like a skit in essence, the stroll was part stomp, part sketch comedy and part dance.

The night then took an exciting turn as the members of the Georgia Tech Wushu Team took the stage to give a demonstration. Their fluid moves and daring acrobatics had the audience in silent anticipation of what was to come next. The front row spectators squirmed as the final performers for the Wushu team used traditional Chinese swords with even greater speed than before.

Next, the sisters of the Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc. and the brothers of the Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc. performed another stroll. Their choreographed moves received much laughter and cheering.

The Tech breakdancing team TekStyles also took the stage performing dazzling footwork and statuesque freeze moves that impressed everyone in attendance.

The sisters of the Lambda Theta Alpha Latina Sorority, Inc. then performed a “salute.” A salute is similar to a stroll but without any music to dance to. The salute is also a more formal introduction of the members of a fraternity or sorority.

The acapella group Taal Tadka performed two very peaceful tunes in English and other languages. Their unique combination of beatboxing and ethnic singing made them a delight to the audience.

Coming close to the end of the night, the brothers of Lambda Theta Phi Fraternidad Latina, Inc. performed a long and intricate series of salutes.

Last, but not least, the sisters of the UGA chapter of DPhiL performed their stroll. And with much applause to their performance, the night ended.

“It was pretty successful, considering we filled [the theater] to full capacity. People came up to me and said, ‘Wow! That was one of the most amazing shows I’ve seen.’ [They] were really pumped up about it,” Kao said.