TBD seeks projects

This year for Tech Beautification Day (TBD), the TBD committee wants Tech students to expose the ugliest parts of campus. In an effort to completely rebuild and redesign the event, the members and executive committee of TBD have initiated multiple programs in order to stir up excitement for TBD ’08, which is taking place on April 5. Of those programs, the Stop the Ugly photography and idea contest is one of the ways that TBD is trying to appeal to more students.

“We’ve completely rebuilt our website, and our [theme] is ‘Think Beautiful.’ The Stop the Ugly contest and rebranding is part of our push to really get people excited about TBD ‘08,” said Stuart Lawder TBD executive co-chair and third-year Industrial Design major.

TBD is an opportunity for students to engage in service and volunteer projects on Tech’s campus. Started in 1998, students aid campus by cleaning up and landscaping various parts of campus with Tech Landscape Facilities. Not only can students help landscape Tech itself, students also have the opportunity to participate in service to local communities.

For example, students last year cleaned abandoned lots and built playgrounds for neighboring communities. 2008 marks a change in TBD, because this is the first-year that the organization will be the official Greek Week philanthropy event. To mark this occasion, TBD has also made changes to its own program and advertising for students at Tech.

“TBD ‘08 will be a change from years past. We’ve cut ties with National Youth Service Day to move the date more into the semester so people can appreciate their work more. We’re also facing problems with projects and the drought. We’re hoping people will submit some ideas for projects through Stop the Ugly that we’re missing,” Lawder said.

As part of TBD, Stop the Ugly encourages students to search for a way to change an aspect of Tech’s physical appearance. The contest began on Feb. 25 and is running until March 14. Unlike a typical photography contest, Stop the Ugly is an idea contest, not limited to merely a photographic medium. Rather, students have the option of sending in a photo, idea or design as an entry.

“The contest is fairly simple and straightforward. Send in a project idea, photo of something ‘ugly’ on campus, or a design for a wall mural,” Lawder said.

Students can find their own idea for what they believe is unappealing on campus, and showcase that for TBD. Some winners may even have their entry beautified through TBD on the day of the event.

Winners will be chosen by the TBD executive board, and will receive a $25 gift card from Target for first place, a $15 Barnes and Noble gift card for second place and a $5 gift card from Starbucks for third place.

Interested students can enter online at www.gttbd.org/stoptheugly; however, the entries allow for image codes for pictures.

“It will work by people filling out a quick form for each submission, the site will send them an email, and if they have a design or photo, they will attach the photo and reply to the email to complete the submission,” Lawder said.

In addition to the creation of the Stop the Ugly Contest, TBD also has changed its availability to Tech students by redesigning the website. With a new green-colored, grunge floral design, the website now includes a way for Tech students to personally log-in, sign up for projects and check out backstage happenings under TBD4ME. In addition, groups and individuals can sign up as well through the website for projects and positions such as Project Coordinator.

“We’ll be finishing building out the site this weekend to launch the contest on Monday, so check back over the weekend for more details,” Lawder said.

This year’s TBD is estimated to have 500-1000 participants. Although group registration ended March 5, interested students can still sign up to volunteer as an individual from March 10 until the day of the event on April 5.

“A $100 donation from an organization can also [put] your letters or organization logo on our shirt, as well as allow for a project that is an outdoor ‘house cleanup,’” Lawder said.

Fraternities and sororities can also get philanthropy hours and Greek Week points for their participation.

For more information about TBD ‘08, the executive board, Stop the Ugly, or to register to volunteer, visit www.gtbd.org.