A DAY IN THE LIFE OF the new FASET director

Every summer, thousands of Recently Acquired Tech Students (R.A.T.S.) participate in a Tech tradition dating back to 1972. FASET, an acronym for the Familiarization and Adaptation to the Surroundings and Environs of Tech, is an orientation program for freshmen, transfers and their guests.

FASET introduces students to the academic environment of Tech, as well as the support services that are available to them and the actual campus. Students are able to register for classes, meet fellow students, academic advisors, faculty and staff as well as get a feel for what it’s like to be part of the Tech community. This year, FASET has a new director. Bethany Naser has recently been named the new director of FASET orientation and transition programs.

Naser graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University in 1999 and earned a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration in 2003. Before coming to Tech, Naser worked in the new student programming areas at both Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.

“I worked in the areas of orientation, transfer student programs, first year experience and transition,” Naser said. “I’ve been working in this field for about five years.”

Although Naser has related field experience, she is still adjusting to Tech and to the city of Atlanta.

“I’m a Texas girl who’s brand new to Atlanta,” Naser said, as she continued looking around at the empty shelves and the boxes scattered around her office.

“I’ve only been here for a month, and I came to Tech with really high expectations. I’ve been really happy here. The people I have met have been welcoming and willing to help me. The students that I work with, the FASET Cabinet, [are] incredible. They are so motivated and very helpful. They really reflect what Tech says it is,” Naser said.

Naser will be in charge of introducing incoming students to what life at Tech will be like. The weeks and months leading up to FASET are hectic and filled with a lot of planning and preparation. Because she is new to the FASET process, Naser spends much of her time interacting with the Cabinet and the campus community to learn more about FASET.

“I’m still learning so much. My days are pretty fast-paced and involve a lot of interaction. I meet with faculty and advise the students who make up the FASET Cabinet. I provide direction for the staff in the office,” Naser said.

This weekend, Naser will be taking the FASET Cabinet to Columbus, GA for a gathering that will include 1200 students and advisors who will interact with each other to learn about the different transition programs on different campuses.

“We are currently in the process of selecting new FASET leaders for this summer. For the next two weeks I will be sorting through applications and interviewing students for these positions. We are really trying to find leaders who represent different aspects of the Georgia Tech community,” Naser said.

This summer, FASET will be introducing a parent orientation during the students’ orientation.

“Usually when parents come to FASET, they just follow their students around. This year we’re trying to focus on orientation programs for parents. They will be able to interact with administrators and also get a better understanding of Georgia Tech,” Naser said.

Although Naser does not have any specific plans for FASET, she is excited to make FASET ’08 successful.

“We really want students to come through and leave FASET with a better understanding of the Tech community. I really want them to know what the academic and social aspects of Tech are. It’s important that they know what to expect in their classes, what daily life on campus will be like, and what Georgia Tech has to offer,” Naser said.