If you LOVE Valentine’s Day…

While V-Day may bring to mind the stereotypical flowers, chocolate and Cupids, Valentine’s at Tech can be much less corny. But you can still conserve the romance for you and your girlfriend, boyfriend or that other special person in your life, without shelling out too much

cash to impress them.

10. The SymphVibes concert on Sunday Feb. 10 is one way woo over that special someone with a night of talented, but humorous a capella performances of current pop songs.

9. No water because of the drought? That shouldn’t stop you from going around the fountains. Climb on top of the ledge at the library and watch the stars.

8. Candy may be the Valentine’s Day norm, but give it a new twist. Fondue is a cute, alternative to the typical box of chocolates, and allows both of you to share. Combine that with some cookies, pretzels, marshmallows, and strawberries and you’ll have yourself a melted chocolate feast. After all, chocolate and strawberries are an aphrodisiac.

7. Pam and Jim may embody love on The Office, but who cares when you have Michael Scott’s new boss Ryan at Tech? Comedian B.J. Novak will be performing a solo comedic act on Valentine’s evening at the Ferst Center.

6. Movie night doesn’t have to be mushy like The Notebook. Cook dinner with each other, then pop in the latest season of 24.

5. For a more glitzy and sweet night, dessert in the city is an excellent way to celebrate. The Sun Dial or Café Intermezzo for dessert and drinks are fantastic.

4. You and your special someone can hit up the CRC. It’s a great way to bond over something more than just chocolates (or even burn off the dessert from #5).

3. Dancing on Valentine’s Day can be done anywhere in any style. Local Atlanta venues offer opportunities for swing, tango, or salsa dancing from $15 to $30, at the High Museum and other local restaurants.

2. If you, your special someone, or both happen to be musically talented, have a jam session! This could include piano, violin, or even Sousaphone, if that’s your thing.

1. Just cuddle. Nothing beats a night of cuddling, in my book.

Whatever you and that special someone decide to do next Thursday night, just make sure that you enjoy each other’s company, whether that’s with laughter, talking or those other unmentionables. Happy Valentine’s Day!