Jesse McCartney takes on the next chapter with “All’s Well”

Yung Gravy and Jesse McCartney pose in the filming of their collaborative song “Make A Baby” as part of “All’s Well.” // Photo credit to Jon Premosch

After three years, Jesse McCartney returns to the music scene with his EP “All’s Well,” consisting of five songs, including a feature with Yung Gravy. Released on April 5, “All’s Well” welcomes fans into a new stage of McCartney’s life, one focused on family and inspired by old school pop.

This album ages McCartney’s notable pop music by infusing more mature themes within its lyrics. As with every album, McCartney aims to speak to a wide audience, tailoring songs to different experiences. “All’s Well” caters to all ages and touches on topics such as depression and anxiety all the way to struggling to make a family. 

In sitting down for a roundtable with the Technique, McCartney began by describing the album as “a collection of songs I’ve been working on over the last year.” His admiration for old school ‘70s pop became the inspiration for the EP release, introducing new character to his original sound.  

Just as McCartney is in a new stage of his life, so is his music. 

“Lyrically, as I get older, I realize that the best songs are the songs that people can relate to but also things that sound authentic and sound like you know what you’re talking about,” McCartney said.

The COVID-19 pandemic marked a dark period in his life, as it did for many people. This project became an outlet to share those feelings and an opportunity to connect deeper with his audience. “The Well,” the fourth track on his EP, has roots in depression and anxiety. 

“‘The Well’ is where I was literally in a dream and was falling. It’s a common anxiety-ridden dream. And so I woke up in a cold sweat and wrote down these lyrics,” McCartney said. 

On the opposite end of the emotional spectrum, McCartney joined with Yung Gravy for his song “Make A Baby,” a humorous song that pokes fun at his and his wife’s attempts to have a child. Yung Gravy and McCartney may seem like an unlikely duo, yet the two grew close when they both played a college show in Minnesota. 

McCartney explained, “My Venn diagram hardly ever crosses over Yung Gravy’s, especially in writing music, but if there was ever a song, this was it.” 

His ability to balance a more serious, darker song in the same release as the comedic bop “Make A Baby” exhibits the range and cohesion he has across what he creates. Musically, this project fits with his past works, but lyrically, his experiences and maturity elevated them into a new chapter. 

McCartney realized, “As you get older you know more things, you become aware of your surroundings even more, and you have a better understanding of relationships and how they work, so the evolution of your writing comes naturally.” 

This evolution aids the EP’s universality. Each song is ageless. While “The Well” reaches into anxiety coated with cynicism, “Faux Fur” is a retelling of a classic story of material greed versus  true love. “Make A Baby” resonates with people because of its silliness. 

“It’s one of the good things about getting older,” McCartney said. “You can have a wider range of things to talk about that people will relate to. You’ve got more paint on the palette.”

McCartney has made a name for himself across the industry as an influential artist. He took a moment to reflect on who he sees as the voice of music right now. He spoke on his love for MAX, who released “Lights Down Low” in 2016, by acknowledging the power and independence he has through marketing himself on TikTok and Instagram. 

“His energy is incredible,” McCartney said. “He’s a great example of somebody who doesn’t need a huge machine to be successful.”

Another musical standout to him was Benson Boone. McCartney noted, “His voice is insane to me, and I’ve been listening to his songs for years now. I think he’s one of the strongest vocalists out there right now.”

McCartney has always been a strong force in the music industry, and “All’s Well” only supports his claim to fame. This project is a reflection of the maturity and experiences he achieved across his life. Whether in the darkness or light, there is a song to speak to everyone and a story to unify its listeners.