The Salty Donut opens Midtown location

The Salty Donut opened on Feb. 23 in West Midtown. It is famous for its specialty locally sourced coffee and donuts. // Photo by Rish Desai Student Publications

On Feb. 23, The Salty Donut opened its latest location in West Midtown. The Salty Donut has other locations in Florida, North Carolina, Texas and Georgia, with this being their third location in Atlanta.

The Salty Donut is famous for its specialty locally sourced coffee and doughnuts. While some of their locations are pop-ups, the permanent West Midtown location provides a casual bakery experience with welcoming seating areas and a contemporary confections display. A one-hour parking validation is available at this location, giving visitors plenty of time to enjoy the ambiance.

They have a wide variety of unique doughnuts and baked goods. The doughnuts range from traditional glazed and brown butter & salt to chocolate glazed chocolate brioche and whipped lemon ricotta bomboloni. They also have allergen-friendly options with a gluten-free blueberry crumb cake and a vegan ultimate Oreo cookie doughnut. Their baked goods options include cherry pie pop tarts, cinnamon crunch cookies and potato egg & cheese turnovers. The price per item ranges from $3.00 to $4.80.

As for coffee, they have traditional options like espresso and americano, in addition to specialty lattes and cold brews. The milk options are 2%, whole, almond and oat. The cinnamon cereal milk latte featured bits of cinnamon that balanced the latte very well, with a smooth body. A maple & brown sugar cold brew is a tasty option for the Blue Donkey loyalists with a sweet yet clean flavor. The Salty Donut also sells coffee grounds, cater-able travel carafes and personalized crowlers or growlers of cold brew that can be refilled for $28.

For those with a sweet tooth, many of these doughnuts will satisfy any craving. The maple cinnamon twist puts a sweet spin on a classic, with a maple glaze that compliments the cinnamon quite well. The chocolate glazed chocolate brioche was a rich doughnut that had balanced flavors with decadent chocolate that meshed well with the sweetness of the chocolate glaze yet still was not overly sweet. Last but certainly not least, the cinnamon pear crumble brioche doughnut features a delectable cinnamon pear pie filling with crunchy features in the frosting artfully topped with mascarpone whipped cream —over-the-top perfection.

Several other bakery items offer a more balanced palette. A cherry pie pop tart pairs a tart cherry frosting with a blissful cherry compote filling embraced in a flaky, buttery crust that melts in the mouth. The white chocolate chai that features a light and decadent frosting on a simple unglazed doughnut is addictive. Finally, the whipped lemon ricotta bamboloni is another brioche-style doughnut with a smooth and flavorful lemon ricotta filling,  rolled in granulated sugar that adds a crunch, which brings it all together. On opening weekend, they even collaborated with Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q to have a special pulled pork mac-n-cheese kolache. This featured a crispy outside with a doughy, creamy BBQ vibe inside. This will hopefully make a return to
Atlanta locations in the future.

“It’s very rare to find a place that has great coffee and delicious pastries,” one customer commented. The Salty Donut is a top-tier doughnut shop that is committed to buying local ingredients, adding to West Midtown’s creative culinary landscape.