Margaret Glaspy transcends Center Stage Vinyl

Photo courtesy of Blake Israel

Margaret Glaspy, an accomplished American singer-songwriter, has been touring alongside fellow artist Bridget Kearny. Glaspy, with her commanding presence and a guitar in hand, took to Atlanta’s Center
Stage Vinyl on Oct. 11.

Bridget Kearny started off the night before Glaspy began her set. Through her demeanor and stage presence, Kearny set the tone for the rest of the awaited evening. 

An excited audience cheered and clapped as Glaspy’s vocals began to fill the empty air. A well-lit stage illuminated Glaspy while she sang in unison to her drummer and bass player. Beneath her stood the audience in an intimate community. The lighting was dim, yet colorful. 

Glaspy drew her set list from her acclaimed albums, “Emotions and Math,” “Devotion” and “Echo the Diamond.” She even graced the audience with a captivating cover of Alanis Morisette’s “You Learn.”  In doing so, the audience understood the respect Glaspy has for her fellow artists.   

With her strong vocals and stage presence, Glaspy invoked a sense of reflection in the audience. Her vulnerable lyrics, coupled with strong rock elements, set the atmosphere on fire with themes of contemplation and thoughtfulness. 

A sense of nostalgia was especially evident through the way she presented her music. This feeling was clearly shared as multiple audience members got emotional over her performance.  

Not only is Glaspy’s passion noticeable through her connection with her instrumentalists, she also establishes a strong connection  with the audience. Eye contact and strong smiles matched with her emphasis on certain words, making each person feel as though they were on stage with her.  

Glaspy effortlessly created an intimate experience that transcended the stage. As she arrived at the height of her performance with an emotional and passionate rendition of “Get Back” from her album “Echo the Diamond,” the audience applauded with excitement.  

Glaspy left an indelible mark at Center Stage Vinyl. Each of her lyrics imbued a sense of sincerity, allowing her to create an emotional current that surged through the crowd.  

The combined efforts of all instrumentalists, fusion of powerful vocals and an engaged audience culminated in a performance that excelled in the confines of Center Stage Vinyl.  

Live music has a completely different effect than listening to music online, as it allows for a more personal and intimate connection with the artist. Its power is transformative and fosters unforgettable memories and connections, as experienced by many at Glaspy’s recent performance.  

Her concert was nothing short of a musical odyssey. With her masterful talent and artistry, she was able to formulate a series of emotions and experiences that left an unforgettable mark on all of those who were fortunate enough to bear witness.  

The overall experience of her concert could only be described as ideal and unforgettable. She was able to take her recorded music and elevate it to an unexpected level through her live voice.

Her underrated music needs to be heard by many more. As an alternative artist, Glaspy’s music is an invitation to delve into a world of introspection and raw emotion — an invitation that should not be passed up.