Something for everyone on Tech’s campus

Photo by Blake Israel

Living in the heart of Atlanta means there is an adventure all around you. However, you do not have to step off  campus to start yours. Whether you are rolling with a group or are enjoying your personal time, Tech is home to many ways to spend your days.

Take a break from your dorm room and step outside to embrace the Georgia weather. You will notice a large green space in the middle of campus called Tech Green, which acts as a hub for student life. Roll out a soccer ball or set up a game of Spikeball; this is everyone’s favorite place for a casual game with friends. Aside from sports, Tech Green is a great place to lay out a blanket and read or get a group of friends to paint together. Not a fan of the grass? Why not relax in the hammocks surrounding Tech Green? You may also spot some pups running around, as this is a popular pet spot.

 Hoping to find a place a little less common? Head to the EcoCommons on West Campus for a more peaceful rendezvous with nature. Whether you want hammocks, slides or to catch your breath, there are plenty of spots around the area for whatever you may be looking for.

Around the corner you will find Burger Bowl. As an open grass field, this area is perfect for pick-up games and peaceful star gazing. Right next door is Stamps Field, a gated turf field complete with an outdoor track and sand volleyball. Bring a ball to scrimmage or build up your track-star skills anytime during the day. 

Do you prefer a gym experience without the additional membership fees? Take advantage of the CRC, a full-scale gym filled with free weights, machines, an indoor track, rental courts, a swimming pool and much more. If you are taking at least four credits this semester, you have unlimited access by swiping your BuzzCard. Do not worry if you are below this requirement; you can always purchase a custom membership if needed. 

Georgia Tech has more than enough outlets to inspire your creativity; The Invention Studio, a student-run makerspace, is the perfect creative studio for any projects personal or academic. There is a metal room, wood room, 3D printers, paint, electronics and crafts of all kinds that are free to use. You can even become trained and join the team of student leaders working at the studio.

Tech’s Paper and Clay center has a mix of free and purchasable activities. Wanting something to destress? Relax with their paints and beaded crafts. Looking for a challenge and a little more freedom? Take a spin at the pottery wheels or paint some ceramics. They even have a printing service where you can print posters
with a variety of sizes. 

The newly-renovated Student Center houses a spirit store, dining hall, study spaces, the post office, theaters, a bowling alley and much more. Situated next to Tech Green, the Student Center is the one-stop shop for anything that screams “typical college student.”

Living in the city means city views, but it is hard to find this on campus. The best hidden place to experience the nighttime beauty is just off the Bio Quad Bring a date, some friends or experience the scene yourself while relaxing on publicly available patio next to the Molecular Science and Engineering Building.

No matter inside or outside, public or private, Tech has something for whatever you are in the mood for. These are only the beginning of our recommendations. There is much more to the Institute  than meets the eye, so why not start exploring?