Essential video games for all of the ‘girlies’

GRIS is often described as a visually stunning game, which is essential to play just to enjoy the artwork behind the world building. A beginner game, its simple playability allows the art to shine. // Photo courtesy Nomada Studio

Although the world of video games and the communities of players are often hyper masculine spaces where women feel unwelcome, there are particular games that have notably welcoming fanbases.

There are a variety of games from different genres that are perfect for any of the “girlies” in search of a new game to play.

One of the largest game developers that makes design choices with the intention of making female players feel more invited to play is Nintendo, and this philosophy shows itself in the design of the protagonist Link in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. 

Although Link is canonically a male character, designers purposely composed the in-game character model to be androgynous to make players of all genders feel a connection with the character. 

For those in search of an action-packed adventure, Breath of the Wild is a perfect, visually stunning role-playing game (RPG) that allows players to solve problems in such a wide variety of manners; it is incredibly forgiving of more inexperienced players approaching the challenges from a non-traditional angle.

In early May, the sequel to Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, will be released featuring the same androgynous playable character and an expanded world full of action and adventure.

For those in search of a more relaxed gaming experience, Stardew Valley offers the cottagecore escapism of your dreams, transporting you into its world. Featuring a gorgeous soundtrack composed by ConcernedApe, who was the sole developer of the game, Stardew Valley offers players the opportunity to explore a world full of mysteries and secrets at their own pace. 

Players are able to design a character that visually represents them in nearly every way imaginable. As you build relationships with certain non-playable characters (NPCs), you are able to further customize your character with custom clothing created in a sewing machine or by buying accessories from a mysterious little woodland mouse.

For those who enjoy the cottagecore vibes of Stardew Valley but would enjoy a more dynamic and puzzle oriented experience, Cozy Grove is the perfect game. 

Players join a Spirit Scout (similar to a Girl Scout) on her journey to free the tortured spirits of an ancient island through puzzles, quests and crafting.

For those who want the classic dungeon crawler RPG experience but want to be able to connect closer with the playable character and enjoy stunning graphics, Child of Light is the perfect game.

You play as a princess who has been lost from her family as she makes her way through the woods back home. The game is animated in a watercolor style, with flowing colors and organic lines coming together to create a uniquely beautiful visual experience for the player. 

Child of Light implements many beloved elements of classic RPGs and mixes them with a beautiful exterior and moving story, making the game amazing for lovers of video games and beginners alike.

For those who are interested in experiencing a game that is more a piece of art than a game, the abstract puzzle game GRIS is a good fit. The game tells the protagonist’s moving story, all without the use of any dialogue or subtitles. Using only changes in the soundtrack and the visual aesthetic of the game, GRIS tells a story of loss, grief and acceptance.

Whether you are in search of an action packed adventure, a calm cottagecore escape or a classic RPG made for the “girlies”, there is a perfect game out there for any woman who wants to get into video games but is intimidated by the hypermasculine reputation of the hobby.