Gracie Abrams releases debut EP ‘Good Riddance’

Abrams’ musical aesthetic and new album champions the intimacy of sound and the potential of bedroom pop as a genre. // Photo courtesy of Interscope PR

Gracie Abrams, a rising name in the music industry, released her first album, “Good Riddance,” on Feb. 24, 2023. Before this, she was widely known for her EP “minor,” which presents more as a pop project. Highlights from this EP include “I miss you, “I’m sorry” and “21.” 

With a similar sound to Olivia Rodrigo (whom she opened for on the Sour tour), Conan Gray and Taylor Swift (whom she will be opening for on the Eras tour), it’s difficult to stand out among the thousands of other artists who also share this sound, but somehow Abrams has achieved this. It could be her all-too-familiar lines about love and heartbreak, but having her debut single, “Mean It” released by Interscope Records did not hurt either.

The album opens with “Best,” a song that shows just how much Abrams has matured throughout her years as a songwriter and person. “Best” displays beautiful harmonies and a more indie-background track, setting the tone for the rest of the album.

“I know it won’t work” is the second song, and it is rising in popularity. The song is a ballad about loving someone and separating, but knowing it was the right decision despite the pain; it is easy to see why listeners are connecting with it. The meaning is really all in the title and laid out in plain sight, which is a nice change from the copious amount of metaphors and hidden meanings that are often associated with these types of songs.

“Where do we go now?” is currently the most popular song in the EP — a slightly more upbeat song that builds up throughout. The repetition of the song’s title conveys Abrams’ confusion and conflicting feelings for someone. Reminiscent of Lizzy McAlpine and Rodrigo, there is no surprise that this song is a hit amongst her fans.

“Difficult” is the lead single of Abrams’ album and was released in October 2022. Abrams speaks of being blinded by love, or lust, and making someone out to be what you want in a partner rather than whatever the truth may be. This song resonated with her fans from the start and built up the excitement for the release of “Good Riddance.”

“This is what the drugs are for” can be categorized as folk with its acoustic guitar and subtle piano. A softer song with more heavy emotional ties, this song discusses the thought patterns Abrams experienced while going through a breakup. In the chorus, Abrams repeats, “I’ve gotten used to sleepin’ here without you. Though I’ve tried, I can’t pretend that I don’t sit around and think about you.” These lines encapsulate the entire song.

“Right now” is the 12th and final song on the album. It’s also the longest song, at almost six minutes. Throughout this sweet conclusion to the album, Abrams speaks of being content with where she is in her life right now. She feels nostalgic about her childhood, but she is moving forward with her newfound adult life. Although she has experienced hardship, she has learned much.

Abrams worked with song-writer and musician Aaron Dessner, a founding member of the band The National, who has also collaborated with Swift on her albums “folklore” and “evermore.” Dessner worked on songwriting with Abrams, along with her production.

Abrams, now 23 and four years into her music career, has definitely sparked conversation and made a name for herself in the industry. Artists such as Swift, Lorde and Billie Eilish have applauded her work. She is currently on her second tour in the U.S. and Canada. Look out for Abrams in the coming years, as she is on the rise to become a household name.