Little Five Points’ Bear & Honey Candle Co.

Immediately upon entering, customers are greeted with an array of beautiful treats that are not quite what they seem: these “almost edibles” are all wax candles. // Photo by Aanya Sawhney Student Publications

Not even 15 minutes by car away from Tech resides the eclectic neighborhood known as Little Five Points. The district is a hub for counterculture and stretches mainly along Euclid Avenue and parts of Moreland Avenue; it is home to a wide array of edgy and artsy restaurants, bars and shops. The presence of indie businesses in the locale adds personality to the area and keeps mainstream chain businesses away from the unique community. One such business is Bear & Honey Candle Company.

Bear & Honey is a Black-owned and family-operated candle shop on Moreland Avenue, across from The Clothing Warehouse. The shop opened in September 2020 and offers various scents and sizes of candles made from beeswax, coconut wax or soy wax. They also often partner with other Black-owned Atlanta and Georgia businesses to offer additional products such as bags, skincare, soaps and more. 

Their main attraction, however, is their candle-making classes. Perfect for dates, parties or a fun afternoon activity, people can register online to make personalized candles in-store; walk-ins are also welcome on weekdays. Bear & Honey provides the wax, scented oils, jar and any other materials guests might need. 

The classes are led step-by-step by an instructor, who guides participants through the entire process. Attendees start by picking two scented oils, which are first combined together and then mixed into the melted wax (the store offers coconut and soy waxes for classes). From there, the instructor will walk the class through pouring the wax into the provided jars and any further aesthetic aspects. 

For example, more ornate and decorative jars can be purchased and add-ons like small flower clippings may be provided. The candles have to be fully set before participants can take them home, so the store holds onto them during that time, giving customers the opportunity to shop more and even encouraging customers to go out and explore more of the Little Five Points area while they wait. 

The store’s exterior has a rustic feel; the storefront is paneled with wooden boards, surrounding windows that advertise classes and organic beeswax candles. The interior has the same rustic atmosphere that the outside does. Various plants cover places not occupied by other products, adding vivid greens, pale tans, pastel pinks and whites to the earthy palette of paint and wooden surfaces. Hanging light bulbs replace typical overhead lights and the floor is smooth unfinished concrete.

At the door, the mingling smells of different candles greet entering customers. In the center front of the store — the first thing people see when they walk in — is a display of beautiful desserts, breakfast food and assorted drinks, all of which are actually hyperrealistic candles. The candles smell just as delicious as they look, ranging from the sweet aromas of cabernet sauvignon wine to the savory scents of maple syrup-covered pancakes with bacon. 

To the right of the dessert display are shelves and tables of assorted candles and skincare products, all situated against a chalkboard wall. The wall is covered in signatures and messages from various customers, mainly from earlier years. The rainbow of chalk letters — each word in its unique font — brings out the feeling of community in Bear & Honey. There is a feeling of personal connection when shopping in the store that one can only find at locally-owned businesses. 

Most importantly, the in-store staff is incredibly warm and helpful. They are always willing to assist people in determining the scents they like, locating products around the store and answering any other general questions customers might have. 

The neighborhood of Little Five Points is known as a creative area to both Atlanta and Georgia residents as a whole. With several blocks covered in murals and bustling with unique people, Little Five Points is home to tattoo parlors, thrift stores, music venues, bars and locally-owned shops; Bear & Honey Candle Company is right at home within the lively district. From the quality of the candles and the unique classes to the natural feeling of the decor and the friendliness of the staff, the store is a must-stop when visiting the district.