SEVENTEEN performs ‘VERY NICE’-ly live

The members of K-pop group SEVENTEEN assemble into a formation on stage at State Farm Arena. K-pop performances include live musical performance with simultaneous dance choreography, and sometimes include special highlight reels to play to fans. // Photo courtesy of Emily Joe Student Publications

Known for their synchronicity, SEVENTEEN, a 13-member K-pop boy group, energetically performed at the State Farm Arena on Aug. 30 as fans cheered and pumped their official diamond lightsticks known as Caratbongs. SEVENTEEN’s North America tour “BE THE SUN’’ began Aug. 10 in Vancouver, British Columbia and ended on Sept. 6 in Newark, N.J. 

While on tour, SEVENTEEN also became the first K-pop artists to win the Push performance of the year at the 2022 MTV VMAs with their performance of “Rock With You” at the December 2021 Global PUSH Artist campaign. 

SEVENTEEN made a spicy, grand entrance by starting the concert off with “HOT” as CARATs, the fandom name for SEVENTEEN enthusiasts, screamed and sang their hearts out. After a powerful performance with “HIT,” the members greeted Atlanta and taught the audience the tour chant: “BE THE SUN.” Shortly after, the idols performed their award-winning staging of “Rock With You.”

Although two of the members, Joshua and Hoshi, tested positive for COVID-19 two days before the concert and therefore, were unable to perform in Atlanta, CARATs demonstrated their never-ending support for the idols throughout the concert by cheering for them every time they appeared on the pre-recorded videos during transitional breaks and singing their lines in the songs — just as the remaining members requested at the beginning of the concert. 

With this in mind, “2 MINUS 1,” typically sung by Joshua and Vernon, was turned into a high-energy solo performance for Vernon. Next, the Performance team, which is made up of Jun, The8 and Dino (and Hoshi), highlighted their versatility with a more serious and moody presentation featuring many sensual body rolls in addition to harder-hitting moves in “MOONWALKER.” After “Wave” by the Performance Team, the Vocal Team, consisting of Jeonghan, Woozi, DK and Seungkwan (and Joshua), beautifully sang “Come to Me” and “Imperfect Love” where the team had the audience sing along and even attempt to do a verse themselves. S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon, who make up the Hip-Hop Team, brought the energy of the arena back to a jumping and screaming atmosphere with their energetic performance of “GAM3 BO1” and “Back it up.” 

Back together as a collective group, the idols goofily entered the stage for an all-around happy performance of “Mansae.” Working towards the end of the setlist with their more popular songs and hits, “Left & Right” and “VERY NICE,” the State Farm Arena roared as they got to witness 11 members of SEVENTEEN synchronously execute iconic parts of the dance from each song. Setting an inspirational and hopeful mood with “Shadow” and a more upbeat mood with “Crush,” the idols are experts in controlling the pacing and overall atmosphere of the venue. Meant to be the last song of the show, SEVENTEEN surprised CARATs by performing “_World,” one of their hits on their most recent album “SEVENTEEN 4th Album Repackage ‘Sector 17’.”

After several minutes of cheering, screaming and watching the big screens of the various posters CARATs brought for the idols to see, SEVENTEEN continued the concert with an encore, starting with another uplifting song, “Darl+ing.” Each of the 11 members then talked to the audience thanking CARATs for their support, discussing what their experience has been like in Atlanta and generally wishing all the best for CARATs. Following this, “Our dawn is hotter than day” was calmly and beautifully sung with the members resting on the stage’s staircase. 

Finally, the aura of State Farm Arena once again became energetic with “Snap Shoot.” A few CARATs were selected and shown on the big screen to freestyle to a couple of seconds of Snap Shoot! Each time, both the audience and the idols roared in support and awe of the CARATs. The concert officially came to a close when SEVENTEEN began their (Never Ending) segment of “VERY NICE.” Just like the freestyle for “Snap Shoot,” some audience members were selected to sing an iconic part of “VERY NICE,” which features an especially hard-hitting high note. 

As a typical audience member who anticipates the concert to officially end after a bow at the assumed-end of the encore, it was a huge surprise to the arena when SEVENTEEN faked exactly this. The members gathered at the middle of the stage, bowed and started to wave to the audience as the cover began to drop down. However, SEVENTEEN unexpectedly partied with CARATs as “VERY NICE” played one last time.