Hidden gems, scenery and campus secrets

The Mickey Mouse clock as seen through the summer trees in Skiles Garden. The clock is a mini beacon for many campus tours and scavenger hunts. // Photo courtesy of Tyler Parker Student Publications

Whether you are a freshman or just a semester away from graduating, the Tech campus is sure to have some surprising hidden spots for you to explore in your journey. Here, I list just a few of them, including something for all of Tech’s subcultures. 

Nooks and Crannies

Has campus life, academics and internships or research got you to the breaking point? Are you looking for a quiet spot to meditate or just relax? If so, the Paul G. Mayer Memorial Garden might just be the thing for you. Overlooked by the thousands who cross the area every day, the garden is tucked away next to Skiles building towards the side of the D.M. Smith building and offers a recluse even on a busy weekday. 

Another spot is the park next to the GT Alumni Association building hidden by a dense tree canopy. 

And if you want some tranquility in between classes, the Skiles Courtyard offers refuge to burned out students with its central but still detached location and plenty of seating and sunlight. 


Or maybe you want to capture the magic of the campus views from atop and want a novel spot rather than the same apartment rooftop views. Well, you are in luck. While not quite high in altitude, the overlook next to the Biomedical Engineering Design Garden (yes, that cool glassy-looking building next to MOSE) has some small chairs and tables for you to sit on and gaze over Midtown from. 

This view is especially stunning at night and in the rain, making for a truly magical visit. You can also find views of the east campus and the downtown skyline at the Crosland terrace. If you bring a mirror on a sunny day, you might be able to reawaken your inner child tinkering with light reflected off the rainbow-colored art installation. 


Or maybe you are an adventure seeker and only want to explore the oddities of Tech. Fret not, Tech has plenty of those! 

The first stop is the lock shop. Yes, Tech has a lock shop. Where do you think all those cumbersome dorm keys and locks are made? You guessed it. The lock shop is hidden away somewhere on Techwood drive where most people don’t bother to go. (Hint: it’s a dead end). 

If you want to see a part of the campus where you can feel that we are truly “Creating The Next,” you can find the South’s largest clean room for semiconductors and other strange research in the Nanotech building. Where in the building? Well, that would ruin the fun, wouldn’t it? 

The next destination of interest is Daisy’s apartment. At some point, every jacket has dined at Brittain. But did you know there is an apartment right above you when you are eating there? 

It belonged to the first supervisor of the dining hall, Daisy Daniel. If you wander around the various Brittain stairs, you might even be able to find it and see a relic of the campus’ past for yourself. 

In Closing…

As campus life begins to become repetitive and students become jaded by the daily humdrum, finding an alcove of escape on campus can foster a sense of discovery previously lost to students caught up in academics, extracurriculars or just student life in general.

On those days when you find yourself yearning for a little bit of adventure, get out there and explore these aforementioned locations to add
to your world. Look around and find your own little gems as well; as renowned author J. R. R. Tolkien says, “Not all those who wander are lost.”