BENEE lights up the Variety Playhouse

A picture of TikTok breakout star BENEE. A native New Zealander, BENEE has made a name for herself with smash hits such as “Supalonely,” “UH OH!” and “Glitter,” and has recently been on a concert world tour. // Photo courtesy of Republic Records

June 17 was a big night for alternative electro-pop musician BENEE. It marked the first time she had ever performed in Atlanta, a stop on her world tour.

Originally from New Zealand, this was quite the way away from home for BENEE.

The opening artist, Dreamer Boy, sang songs like “Puppy Dog” with lines including “You make my wheels turn. You make my heart ache,” and “When I’m with you, girl, it’s like I’m on a cloud.” Dreamer Boy offered a nice contrast for what was to come.

Chants of “BENEE” filled the Variety Playhouse as soon as the lights went down on Dreamer Boy. It was soon replaced by cheers when the eerie notes of “Make You Sick” sounded from the stage.

Darkness dissolved over the stage and colored lights blasted into the audience as BENEE began singing. The crowd went wild. There was a new energy to the room — BENEE was there.

Eventually, concert-goers could make her out in the lights. Opposite of the opener who was overly dressed, BENEE was almost underdressed, wearing a white blouse with a black collar and white flowy pants. The only color on her was two red circles painted on her cheeks.

BENEE’s interactions with the audience really charged the room up. From accepting gifts like a rose and a necklace to singing happy birthday to someone named Sebastian in the audience, she really connected with the crowd.

Many different chants ran through the room throughout the night. “Girls are cute,” “Water,” and “Atlanta Love” are a few examples. Playing fan favorites like “Snail,” and “Soaked,” along with some songs featuring other artists like Mallrat, Grimes and Kenny Beats & Bakar, BENEE was irresistible.

She even played a new, unreleased song, “Morning Routine.” It shared the same characteristic vibes that are present in all of BENEE’s work, a strong beat with an electronic sound mixed with darker lyrics and overall aesthetic — a soon-to-be fan favorite.

“Find an Island” was also played, along with “Marry Myself.”

Both songs clearly illuminate how BENEE feels, and with lyrics such as “Find an island far away from me,” and “Put the ring down, I want to marry myself,” it is clear to listeners that she is not interested in somebody’s company.

BENEE saved the best for last, like most artists do, and played her breakthrough song, “Supalonely” near the end of the concert. Colored lights illuminated her in blue as pink spotlights created a ray effect into the crowd. The song went viral back in 2020, during the start of the pandemic.

“I’m a sad girl in this big world. It’s a mad world,” she sings, continuing to explain how she’s crying in the bathtub because of how lonely she is. She is “Supalonely.”

Finally, BENEE ended the night with “Sheesh,” accompanied by strobe lights, throwing the audience into an energized frenzy of dancing and cheering.

With the combination of music, lights and human interaction, BENEE created another lively night at the Variety Playhouse for the audience.