Spring Comedy Show hosts Dulcé Sloan

Photo courtesy of Blake Israel

On March 9, the Student Center Programs Council (SCPC) held its annual Spring Comedy Show. The event took place at the Ferst Center for Arts on that Wednesday evening. 

This year could be called a success, with the Ferst Center packed full of students. It was a large turnout and a laugh-filled evening.

The event is one of the signature events of the Comedy and Entertainment Committee and has been held every year for longer than most committee members can remember. The event aims to bring the Tech community together through laughter and showcases some of the talented students. 

A plethora of nationally recognized comedians have hosted the event including Kumail Nanjiani in 2017, Preacher Lawson in 2021 and this year’s Dulcé Sloan.

The planning for this event starts in the Fall with the committee creating a list of possible comedians that could be invited by considering popularity and feasibility, among other factors. This list is then ranked by and voted on by Tech Students. 

The results dictate the main event for the comedy show.

From there the committee members open applications for the student opener. 

Once the applications have been reviewed the committee invites all the applicants for auditions to select the opener(s) for the show.

The night always starts with the student opener. This year’s Patrick O’Malley, fourth-year AE, kept the audience engaged throughout his set. 

O’Malley originally started doing stand-up comedy at the beginning of the pandemic, when he was at home in Pennsylvania.

As Tech’s campus opened back up, O’Malley continued to perform stand-up at open mics in the Atlanta area. He would spend time at places like the Laughing Skull and eventually met fellow Tech student Donald Gee, fourth-year CE, with whom he created Flippant Comedy. 

With a few other like-minded students, Aritro Basu, second-year CS and Jason Castle, a SCAD student, the group now does stand-up comedy in local areas and has a social media presence on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok with the handle @flippant_comedy.

Following O’Malley’s opening, Dulcé and her chosen opener, actor and comedian David Perdue, put on their sets. As Georgians themselves, the performers connected well with the audience. Both voiced a relevant perspective, finding comedy in the darker aspects of life and commonalities that the audience had.

Sloan in particular has a lot in common with the Tech community. During her college years, she partied at the Institute and was able to talk about the similarities from then to now. 

Overall the evening contained laughter and energy and was executed well by the committee. SCPC is constantly holding events such as this one to bring the community together that can be found on their Instagram page, @gtscpc.