Aminé delivers memorably with Portland roots

Rapper and singer-songwriter Aminé brought his talents to the Tabernacle on Feb. 4 as a stop on his ‘Best Tour Ever.’ His set featured a special connection with audience members. // Photo by Elizabeth French Student Publications

Adam “Aminé” Daniel performed at The Tabernacle on Feb. 24 during his tour titled “Best Tour Ever.” Known for his hit song “Caroline,” released in 2017, Aminé proved that he was more than just a one-hit-wonder. 

The set consisted of memorabilia of his childhood, which he spent in Portland, Oregon. 

Around halfway through the show, he explained each one of them in detail: the Woodlawn Park sign, the neighborhood where he grew up; a small supermarket he frequented; Broadway Bridge, one of the many bridges in Portland; a giant statue of his dog Oliver and a jacket he took from the bus he rode in high school. 

Each one of these items made the concert seem so intimate like the audience was getting an inside look into his childhood.

During the song “Roots,” fellow artist Destin Choice Route, better known by his stage name “JID,” came on stage and performed with Aminé, as he is one of the rappers featured on this song JID is an Atlanta native who has collaborated with artists like J. Cole and Mac Miller.

Aminé’s stage presence was so energetic and lighthearted, as he danced around the stage and frequently interacted with his fans. 

One of the ways he did this was by saying “you’re beautiful,” and the audience echoed back “I know.” “You’re very, very beautiful.” “I know.” 

This filled the venue in between songs.

By far the most endearing aspect of his performance was Aminé’s “tour pants,” a pair of jeans filled with patches from every state he visited on tour. 

He also invited a member of the audience up on stage to sign the patch and write a small note, of which the words would only be between Aminé and the one lucky person.

During the penultimate song “Caroline,” the audience lit up the whole venue with their phone flashlights, showing just how many people were in attendance that night. 

Afterward, the lights dimmed and the venue returned to its natural state. Aminé had one last surprise for his eager viewers: a quick run through the crowd. 

Aminé has a hold on his fans that not many artists can’t attest to. The intimacy and many surprises overcame the audience with joy and nostalgia as if Aminé left a part of himself with them that night.