Charli XCX releases quarantine-era music with ‘how i’m feeling now’

Pop singer Charli XCX recently is one of the many artists to release an album made during the unprecedented quarantine lock down. // Photo courtesy of The Atlantic

Our take: 4/5 Stars

On May 15, Charli XCX dropped her latest album “how i’m feeling now.” Known for hit songs like “Boys” and “1999,” Charli XCX has once again released an amazing album. What makes this release different is that gives fans an insight to her personal quarantine experience. Lockdown due to COVID-19 has affected the world in so many negative ways, but many artists are releasing albums for their fans to provide distraction during these hard times. Once again, Charli XCX gives an album that does not disappoint!

First off, the album cover is extremely relatable to most people in quarantine: lazing around the house and reminiscing of the times before the pandemic. Charli XCX sends the message that celebrities are just like anyone else going through the same feelings and routines. The cover features Chari laying on a bed, wearing comfortable clothing and looking through videos on a camcorder. It is a very relatable album cover since most teenagers and young adults are going through the same current lifestyle.

Opening track “pink diamond” is certainly a standout. Adhering to its own lyrics, “I just want to go real hard,” the song does in fact go hard. Within the song, there are various different genres. Starting out as an electronic and techno-style beat, it quickly changes to become an EDM song. Then more twists occur as it turns into rock, then to trap and back to EDM. It is definitely a very interesting tune, but it is also very fitting as an intro of an album as it gives off various genres and is a very powerful and unique track. 

The most commercially successful song is definitely “claws.” The song gives off a very summery feel and is the perfect soundtrack for driving on a beautiful day. The track also gives off major “vlog music” vibes. It is the perfect background song for a cute video of friends hanging out and making fun memories during their summer vacation. However, the ending of the song takes quite the turn as it quickly goes from the nice summer tone to a cluster of ominous sounds. 

Another fan favorite on the album is “enemy.” Compared to “pink diamond,” this track is very laid back and chill. In the same vein as “claws,” this is another song that would be fitting for a nice drive on a sunny day in the hills of Los Angeles. At one point the track pauses and an emotional monologue interrupts the song. The monologue is about how the past few months have been a “tough journey,” giving fans an insight to Charli’s perspective on the indefinite lockdown. 

The last track on the album, “visions,” is most definitely a hype club song or a jam that would be enjoyable at an EDM festival. The lyrics talk about Charli XCX having visions of the future after lockdown and meeting people and having fun like the past. With such an exciting beat, it allows listeners to just feel excited for what the future will be like once lockdown is over and people can go about their daily lives again. Being an EDM song, it is such a great finale as it leaves the listeners feeling excited and amped.