A playlist to help you through quarantine

British singer-songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae’s soothing vocals can help calm nerves and anxiety during these trying times. // Photo courtesy of Virgin EMI Records

In these uncertain times, many are looking for something to lift their mood. Whether someone has an optimistic or pessimistic outlook on being indefinitely stuck inside the house, making a quarantine playlist is a great way to pass the time. This is also a fantastic time to discover new artists and listen to different genres of music. The following playlist is composed of a wide range of genres and spans across different decades.  

“Laundry Room,” The Avett Brothers

This folk driven tune has everything but the kitchen sink; it intertwines western instrumentation such as banjo and violin, while also incorporating ballad-like vocals. “Laundry Room” has a feeling that mimics the monotony of every single day being like the last and appreciating the little things that may have been overlooked in the past. It is comforting and familial that feels like a hug from a family member. 

“Coffee,” Beabadoobee 

“Coffee” is a quiet song that almost sounds like a lullaby. It feels like waking up on a Saturday morning to the smell of a fresh pot of coffee. This song is extremely repetitive, but is hopeful and brings listeners back to simpler times. “Coffee” brings notes of feeling content and satisfied while still longing for a little more in life. 

“Trouble Sleeping,”  Corrine Bailey Rae 

Almost everyone has had trouble getting to sleep at night and this song perfectly sums up the feelings of the “what if’s” that tend to plague people right before bedtime. This song features vocals that are sweet like honey and impossible not to enjoy. Although “Trouble Sleeping” was the best fit song for this playlist, her entire eponymous titled album is a gem. 

“Helplessly Hoping,” Crosby, Stills & Nash 

The name of this song says it all. Sometimes a good sad song is all someone needs as a form of therapy. This trio’s voices beautifully melt into one another and create a heartbreaking tune about feeling hopeless and confused, making it a song that everyone could use right now.  

“Right Next to Me,” Dinner Time 

This lighthearted tune comes from Atlanta’s very own DIY band, Dinner Time. “Right Next to Me” features comical and loving lyrics. The band’s organic and authentic sound combines itself with a very catchy chorus making this song the perfect introduction to the group. 

“Bored in the USA,” Father John Misty 

This is another song that has a self-explanatory title. Many of those under a stay-at-home order or practicing social distancing, have found themselves bored within the first week of solitude. This song has lyrics that seem like they come from the vocalist’s stream of consciousness and are long-winded and random. “Bored in the USA” is not necessarily a catchy song, but it features relatable and humorous lyrics.   

“Two Weeks,” FKA twigs

As many people torturously countdown the days of their two-week social distancing order being lifted, they find themselves longing to do the simplest things they took for granted, like seeing loved ones from not behind a glass screen. This song is a dramatic account of being apart from someone for two weeks, which makes it the perfect addition to anyone’s quarantine playlist. 

“Come To My Window,” Melissa Etheridge

Although this song came out over two decades ago, its theme could not be more pertinent. “Come To My Window” is extremely catchy and has an uplifting tone. This is the perfect song for those that are longing to be with a loved one but are keeping their distance because it is the right thing to do.

Creating a quarantine playlist is a great way to keep connected with friends while not physically being with them. Although this is a weird and tough time for everyone, music can help with not feeling so alone. 

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