Coin teases new album at Buckhead Theater

Photo courtesy of Colombia

Since the success of their hit song “Talk Too Much” in 2016, Nashville band Coin has been a big name in the indie pop genre. The band is building up anticipation for their album set to come out this spring with a U.S. tour. Atlanta was lucky enough to receive a visit from the band last Wednesday at the Buckhead Theatre with an energetic performance and electric crowd. 

The show opened with Tessa Violet, a YouTuber turned singer-songwriter from Oregon. Violet warmed up the crowd by performing a few of her upbeat singles, including “Crush” and her new single, “Bad Ideas,” before moving on to some of her acoustic music. No matter what she played, Violet was able to keep the audience’s interest, something that is not always easy for an opener. 

Tessa Violet’s relatable attitude and engaging stage presence definitely warmed up the crowd and primed attendees for Coin. Violet is certainly an artist to look out for in the future. 

The audience’s energy was buzzing as Coin came out and immediately jumped into their first song, “I Don’t Wanna Dance,” their 2017 single. The band never lost the momentum, fitting in a whole roster of music and rarely taking a break. A mix between old and new music showed how the band’s sound has developed since their rise to the charts a few years ago. A consistent theme in every song was the upbeat tone that kept the audience dancing even through the slower songs. 

 Halfway through the set, the band performed a new song, “Crash My Car,” lighting up the audience and building the excitement for their new album, which they teased, constantly reminding the audience that the record is set to be released soon. The band also performed several singles that were released over the past year, including “Cemetery,” “Simple Romance,” and “I Want It All.” 

The climax of the concert came when the band performed “Talk Too Much,” which had everyone in the room jumping and singing along. The song made it on to the pop charts in 2017 and still held the same charisma live, lighting up the crowd. 

Coin delivered a truly electric performance that kept the crowd moving the whole time. The young band really proved themselves as leaders in the indie-pop genre. The band did a fantastic job blending their old hit songs with their new singles, building the anticipation and excitement for their upcoming album release.