Revels speaks on City Mouse

Photo courtesy of City Mouse

In preview of their last show together, the Technique had the opportunity to speak to Brian Revels, the singer, songwriter and guitarist for City Mouse.

City Mouse is an Atlanta based indie folk-Americana band. The band’s debut EP “Joy of Life” was released in 2015.

The show will serve as a farewell and release show for their new project titled “The Sanguine Sessions,” produced by Tony Terrebonne of ZAC Recordings.

Technique: The recording of these two songs that you guys did for “The Sanguine Sessions,” what were the inspirations for those? Was it due to Michael not being part of the lineup anymore? Could you tell me more about that?

Revels: We did record them originally because Michael was gonna be leaving the band. I mean there were definitely songs we wanted to get recorded regardless, but the catalyst was definitely because Michael was gonna be splitting. We wanted a way to sort of celebrate it and get a last little signature or some kind of his since he was such an important part of the band. And we loved the song (“Bloodshot Eyes”).

Individually, the songs have their own inspirations. Mine was sort of random, and his was about sobering up a little bit due to maybe a love interest or something. Kind of better himself for someone else in a sense, which is probably kind of a shitty quote.

Technique: Will someone be taking his place? What is his timeline, and what does the band plan to do?

Revels: We are actually looking at taking a hiatus. I will still continue as a songwriter and musician, but I don’t feel right continuing with the City Mouse name by myself. I’m gonna do the bandmates the respect of.

Technique: You guys are having your release party the 27th, right? Will this be the final show you guys do together?

Revels: Correct, and yes, this will be the final City Mouse show. We will be sharing the stage with Elliot Bronson, which is badass in its own right.

Technique: Of the two songs from the project, which one would you say is your favorite? Or are you a little biased since you wrote one of them?

Revels: I love a good waltz. We don’t have, I don’t think, any other waltzes besides Michael’s song, “Bloodshot Eyes.” I think that it’s some of his best lyricism that I’ve heard as a songwriter. As a bandmate of his, it’s one of the best ones he’s come up with. I wrote the other one, so I’m a little bit biased.

Technique: What can we expect from the show? Will you only be performing songs from “The Sanguine Sessions” or old songs as well?

Revels: What I’m expecting to do is, since its not really a long set, we gotta be kind of selective. I would like to revisit some older material, some of the early stuff, and kind of give a chronology of the band–that’s kind of where my head is. I think we’ll start at the beginning and bring it right
on through.