Conquer Divide rocks the metal world

Photo courtesy of Artery Recordings

Conquer Divide is an all-female metal band based in the United States and England. They recently released their first album which is self-titled and makes an excellent mark on the rock world. Kiarely and Janel are vocals ­—clean and screaming respectively — and both hit notes that are completely remarkable. The skill required is astronomical.

Izzy and Kristen on guitar, Ashley on bass and Tamara on drums create a dynamic and intense sound. The girls elect to not include their last names, but they are still not easy to forget. Conquer Divide stands to challenge many of the strong metal bands in the industry, and Technique had the opportunity to talk to the guitarist, Izzy.

Technique: Have you faced any challenges producing music in a male-dominated genre?

Izzy: We have faced some challenges, for example it CAN be hard to get everyone to take you seriously as a woman in the metal industry. That being said, it gives us an edge, makes us stand out and gives us motivation to prove people wrong.

We want to give other girls the confidence to pick up an instrument and express themselves. Music is our passion and we want to share that.

Technique: What originally interested you in music and, specifically, this type of music?

Izzy: I’ve liked heavier music since I was young, there is just such raw energy behind metal music and the passion the fans have for it is like no other genre.

Technique: Where do you pull inspiration from for your songs?

Izzy: In our lyric writing we tend to pull inspiration from a real life experience one of us has had and then we all try pitch in and finish it up.  As we come from such varying backgrounds and cultures each member has a fresh perspective to writing.

Technique: How did you all meet and decide to form Conquer Divide?

Izzy: We all met via the internet. Kristen hit me up a few years ago whilst I was studying in England (where I’m from) and I just instantly knew Conquer Divide was something special. We are based in Michigan but come from all over the US and Europe.

Technique: How does the band develop music when you are separated?

Izzy: We record separately and send ideas to each other back and forth over the internet. Yay for  technology!

Technique: What music do you like to listen to in your spare time?

Izzy: Outside of metal I’ve been listening to a lot of Stevie Ray Vaughan recently. Metal-wise I’ve been listening to the newer Architects release on repeat, great music/lyrical content. Tom Searle’s recent passing is a sad time for the industry. …

Technique: What can we expect from Conquer Divide in the future?

Izzy: We are in the beginning stages of our 2nd album! We also have an exciting new music release coming up super soon!