Urban Tree Cidery brews unique, local flavors

Photo courtesy of Urban Tree Cidery

Friendly staff, an earthy feel and tasty ciders characterize Urban Tree Cidery. From the original English-style cider to their now permanent staple of ginger habanero, Urban Tree Cidery offers options for every palette.

Classic is the recommended first sample for those new to cider. This cider has the perfect level of  sweetness and its carbonation is pleasantly refreshing.

To those who wish to branch out from tradition, try the Ginger Habanero. Originally a seasonal flavor that Urban Tree had when they first opened, it became so popular that it earned a place as one of their staples. The combination of ginger and habanero created a spicy kick in the throat, but it was pleasantly balanced by the sweetness of the apples.

The Barrel-Aged cider was not nearly as strong as the Classic or the Sweet Heat. The unique technique of aging the cider in a rum barrel produces a complex oak flavor with vanilla notes. While the Barrel-Aged cider is complex, their best cider is the Original flavor. This English-style cider uses Georgia crabapples, which results in a dry, smooth flavor. Unlike most American ciders, the Original has both a subtle sweetness and a cool crispness.

Currently, Urban Tree Cidery has two seasonal flavors on tap: Peach (Urban) Tree and Triple H.

Peach (Urban) Tree’s signature flavor is not overwhelming, so even those who do not love peaches may enjoy it. With an almost perfumy undertone, the cider is slightly sweet and tart.

While the peachy cider does not disappoint, Triple H is the better of the seasonal flavors. The name of the cider references both the name of the eponymous  WWE wrestler and the three hops it uses. The cider is reminiscent of an almost tart beer with its pronounced hoppiness; however, it still fulfills all of the classic traits of a cider: sweet, tart and crisp.

As the only cidery in Atlanta, Urban Tree Cidery differentiates itself from the other craft breweries in the city. The characteristic of Urban Tree Cidery that further elevates it is its local focus. From the apples grown and picked in north Georgia to the premium alcohol at the bar, all elements are sourced from Georgia.

While the cidery retains features of a typical brewery, like the cornhole outside, Urban Tree offers a refined yet unpretentious atmosphere. The best time to experience the ambience and sample a flight of ciders is on Georgia Tech nights. These select Wednesdays offer 10 percent off all ciders and special Georgia Tech cocktails.

The Urban Tree Cidery opened in March 2016 and continues to bring in attractions to make the cidery stand apart from other breweries. They have brought in food trucks to compliment
their ciders as well as live music on Sundays.

This Sunday they are hosting Sunday Brunch at UrbanTree from 1–5 p.m. It will include food from Miss P’s Kitchen, music by Reed Waddle and mimosas and mojitos to sip.