Nique takes on the MTV Movie Awards

Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox

The MTV Movie Awards occurred this past Sunday and recognized many worthy movies. Most of the contenders were worthy of their nominations, however, one was particularly well-liked and according to some, should have earned even more wins than it’s two wins out of six nominations.

Movie of the Year

While “Deadpool” was nominated for Movie of the Year, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” swooped in for the win. This is understandable as Star Wars speaks to multiple generations and brings out the inner-child in many people. The CGI and visual aesthetics were out of this world, but the movie lacked character development and left too many plot holes for many viewers.

Arguably, this is a more worthy goal than Deadpool’s lack of compassion and single-minded rampage, but the comedic appeal of the crimson antihero could outweigh the need for morals presented in the much anticipated revival of the adventures in the Star Wars movie universe.

Best Fight

“Deadpool” brought home the win for best fight for the scene between Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Ajax (Ed Skrein). This award is well deserved, but it would have been a sweeter win if the competition had been a little stiffer.

The fight that took place between Kylo Ren and Rey in “Star Wars” was anticlimactic and an unfair match as Kylo was a trained Knight of Ren, and Rey had no training — only having touched a light saber a few days earlier.

Comedic Performance

Beating out other contenders who included Melissa McCarthy’s surprisingly competent character in “Spy” and Rebel Wilson’s misfit character in “Pitch Perfect 2” who is blunt to the point of humor, Ryan Reynolds garnered the title of the Best Comedic Performance with Wade Wilson’s fourth wall breaking movie. The murderous protagonist gave the audience plenty of laughs as he gleefully hunts for Ajax, slaughtering whoever he chances to encounter along the way.

Best Villain

Keeping with the theme of the “Star Wars” and “Deadpool” dynamic duo, Kylo Ren, played by Adam Driver, from “Star Wars” was awarded Best Villain. This was an interesting decision as Kylo tended to act like a whiny teenager who throws tantrums on a regular bases and damages expensive property in the process. (*SPOILER ALERT*) He also killed Han Solo which was awful. This horrible act could also have won him best villain as he was able to do the unthinkable.

Best Female Performance

While the Technique’s forerunner was not a contender for Best Female Performance, there is a possibility of this in future, as his internal monologues often embody divers personas.

Charlize Theron’s Furiosa, however, would give Wade Wilson some trouble for the title. Her performance was noteworthy in that the movie did not emphasize that she was a woman more than that she was a capable hero. Furiosa is one of the few female protagonists allowed to think for herself and simply be a human, not a female in need of other’s protection or an ear to whine in.