Hidden YouTube treasures found to cure boredom

YouTube is a gold mine for undiscovered talent. While many channels have become famous, there are many still lesser-known channels that produce great entertainment for Tech audiences.

The channel Nerdist has a great series called “Because Science with Kyle Hill” that explores science in pop culture. It is a fun way to learn the science behind things like “Star Wars”, zombies and even Poke-balls. The host, Kyle Hill, presents the topic from pop culture and then posits a relevant scientific question. He then breaks the answer down in easy to understand research and sometimes a little math. He presents his answer extremely well and the videos are just long enough to keep the subject interesting.

Another interesting learning channel is You’re Doing It Wrong hosted by the Sklar brothers. This series explores all the everyday things people do wrong, the reasons why and how to do them the right way. They cover everything from sleep, to hiccups, to twerking. While the humor is a little dry, the information presented is interesting and useful.

Two less famous channels that give their take on movies are How It Should Have Ended and Cinema Sins. How It Should Have Ended, or HISHE (“his he”) as it is commonly called, is an animation channel that rewrites parts of the plots and endings for blockbuster movies in funny and creative ways. They also have a hilarious mini-series starring Batman and Superman called “Super Café” where they sit and banter.

Cinema Sins, on the other hands, critiques movies in their main series “Everything Wrong With” by racking up the movie’s “sins” in a Movie Sin Counter.  This series pokes fun at the little inconsistencies and errors in movies in a comedic way.

For those who love to obsess over the details and “Easter eggs” hidden in movies, Super Carlin Brothers and The Film Theorists are two great channels. Super Carlin Brothers tends to focus on fan theories about Disney Pixar movies, such as the Pixar shared universe theory, and many other lighter fan theories. The Film Theorists cover theories in just about every genre of movie, and they also have fun facts videos about films and TV shows. The Game Theorists is its sister channel and their videos cover all manner of theories about video games.

Another few infamous channels are Explosm Entertainment and TomSka, which both feature comedy cartoons. Explosm Entertainment is the publisher of the online comic strip “Cyanide and Happiness,” and they also publish short videos in the same style.

They are often very random, and sometimes a little dark, but all done for humor.

TomSka publishes a 9 episode series called “asdfmovie” that is compilations of short scenes. The scenes are full of strange and witty humor, and the series has a few running jokes that tie the movies together in hilarious ways. The channel also publishes live comedy sketches.

For those who love music, Ten Second Songs and Isosine are two smaller channels that remake popular songs in their own style. Ten Second Songs, hosted by the very talented Anthony Vincent, takes popular songs and covers them in the styles of other musicians. It’s a really cool way to hear popular songs in a new way. Isosine is a small channel that does skilled mash-ups of songs, usually combining one song’s vocals with another’s instrumental. The creator had some copyright trouble some time ago, so not all of the videos may be available anymore.

Lastly, while you’ve probably heard of College Humor, you may not know their contemporary, Cracked. College Humor has been a long running website that posts all kinds of articles and videos, of which their older content is terrific. Cracked is also a channel that is run by a similar style site called Cracked.com. Their series “After Hours” centers around four of their actors and writers talking about their takes on pop culture and movies. The scripts are very thought provoking and funny. They also do a lot of list videos and satirical parodies.

These are just a few suggestions for interesting channels most people don’t know about. YouTube is a massive collection, and there’s guaranteed to be channels for everyone. If any of these channels spark some interest, don’t forget to like, subscribe and check out the related channels.