3 Doors Down reawakens rock from the 2000s

For those who miss the upbeat rock songs of the early 2000’s, the band, 3 Doors Down, is bringing them back.

With the release of their sixth album “Us and the Night,” this multi-platinum band is sporting new members, but its same great sound.  “Us and the Night” is full of post-grunge groove and pumping tempo that can put anybody into a great mood whether listeners are cruising the roads, studying or just relaxing.

This album is a great listen for fans of the band’s hits “Kryptonite,” “It’s Not My Time” and “When I’m Gone.”

For the change in lineup, guitarist Chet Roberts replaces founding member Matt Roberts (no relation) but fits right in with high energy and catchy riffs, and Justin Biltonen also replaces bassist Todd Harrell.

Singer Brad Arnold and guitarist Chris Henderson return to continue rocking out. Even with the new members, the band sounds just as listeners would expect from the veteran group.

“Us and the Night” kicks off with the catchy “The Broken,” a more modern rock song with a mix of electronic backing to a guitar-laden verse and chorus. The mix of distorted power chords and synthesizer create a fun, memorable melody.

It has a very light and encouraging feel to match its call for unity and support for “the broken” and “the ones who been thrown away.” Its uplifting chorus encourages those who have been put down to rise up for themselves and come together. This song sets up the tone of the album as it has a mix of both the softer and heavier aspects of the following songs.

3 Doors Down’s single from the album, “In The Dark,” is the next song. This song is one of the heavier, blues-based tunes on “Us And The Night.” This seedy tale of seduction and pleasure is a little more sexual than most of the songs played by 3 Doors Down, though tastefully done.

The guitar and base keep a pulsing beat and for the verses and blast out in blues-rock fashion for the chorus. The guitar solo is short but sweet. The lyrics are sung in harmony with the guitar riffs and are easy to pick up. This is likely to become another 3 Doors Down classic for its exciting melody and amusing story.

“Still Alive” follows with a grooving, heavy tone that is very guitar heavy. This post-grunge song, with a hint of blues-rock in the chorus and solo again, is another great of 3 Doors Down’s heavier side. It’s a song about an internal fight and pushing through. “Living In Your Hell” follows later and is a much lighter rock song.

The song starts with a simple guitar and drum riff and builds into a standard chorus with a minor-chord twist. The lyrics flow on a simple melody and describe the singer calling out their lover on their lies and mistreatment. These two songs are great examples of the band continuing their modern rock sound from the 2000’s.

“I Don’t Wanna Know” begins with Flamenco style guitar that intrigues the ear and slides into a Latin-rock chorus. It is a cool new style to hear from a bend that embodies popular rock, and they perform it beautifully.

The song is a love song, not too different from “When I’m Gone” in subject, and describes the singer not wanting to know if his partner will ever leave. It speaks to a love that does not want to let go or be apart. This song is a great mix of the band’s usual subject of love and separation, but in a new and impressive style.

The album also has several softer songs, such as “Pieces of Me” and “Fell From the Moon.” The first has a beautiful guitar melody and soothing vocals that showcase the band’s range. The song is about changing for the better in light of the past.

“Fell From the Moon” is the last song on the album and opens with piano and quiet lyrics. It builds from the verse to a bright chorus that mixes piano and guitar melodies. Both songs are in the style of soft rock ballads and are very relaxing without being somber or melancholy.

So for all those fans of mid-2000’s rock, “Us And The Night” is a great source of new music in that great, memorable style. The songs are mixtures of post-grunge distortion, rock-ballads and soft rock, and they are perfect for almost any mood. 3 Doors Down shows off their skills for producing popular soundtracks and their ability to continue making enjoyable music.