New bubble tea bar sure to rival others

Photo by Monica Jamison

Joining the ranks of restaurant catering to the bubble tea fad like Honey Bubble and Sweet Hut, nestled between a strip of popular restaurants on Northside Dr., Bubble Café is a hidden gem for bubble tea lovers.

The restaurant has an inviting exterior, slightly contrasting the spacious and minimalistic interior. While sleek interiors have a tendency to be cold and uninviting, Bubble Café counters this atmosphere by having warm purple panels of light all around the restaurant. Additionally, it is study-friendly with plenty of tables, couches  and, most importantly, outlets.

The staff is incredibly patient and friendly while customers crowd around the counter to read the menu’s plethora of options. They are personable, and willing to take the time to answer questions about and suggest toppings that would compliment each drink.

Customers can choose the sweetness, amount of ice and toppings in each drink. Customers may be disappointed that the first topping is complimentary and additional toppings are extra.

Unlike other bubble tea shops, the flavors of drinks Bubble Café offers is plenty and unique with options such as rose, lavender and red bean.

The taro milk tea was delicious, flavorful and the right amount of sweet. The drink was incredibly creamy, and had an almost whipped consistency unlike rival bubble tea shops.

Unfortunately, not all of the milk teas could be held to the same standards as the taro. The popular Thai iced tea was sub-par. It was incredibly watered down and lacked the creaminess that is common in milk teas. However, the sweetness was not overpowering and had a pleasant flavor. Additionally, the bubbles were top quality.

The rose honey green tea more than made up for the disappointing Thai iced tea. However, despite expecting a bitter flavor that is associated with floral essences, the rose honey green tea was surprisingly sweet and heavenly.

In addition to the wide range of tea selections, Bubble Café also offers many coffee options. The single shot espresso had a nice, deep red créma and a brightly acidic taste.

With so many selling points, Bubble Café is selling itself short by closing at 11 p.m. If it stayed open later, it is sure to be a hit amongst college students.

Bubble Café sells a few pastries; however, the options are measly in comparison to the list of drinks they offer. This is arguably a positive aspect to the restaurant because it is specializing on producing quality drinks as opposed to offering a range of mediocre options.

Ultimately, this restaurant is incredibly underrated, and should market itself better on Tech’s campus.

Overall: 4/5