Lasers galvanize students

Photo by Tyler Meuter

For the third and final installment of Welcome Week, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) hosted Dino Dash Laser Tag on top of the Curran Parking Deck on Aug. 20.

Tech residents were invited for a night of free laser tag, basketball and volleyball. More importantly, barbecue (which was quickly demolished), hot dogs and Monster were provided.

The laser tag activity, being the main focus, was set up with inflatable barriers for competitors to take cover behind along with a canopy for each team. Opponents began each match on separate sides of the arena in small teams, all equipped with a laser rifle and a sensor on their gun.

Each competitor had four lives that, when depleted, could be recharged with a medic gun located in the two separate base tents. As a result, one team member would be designated as the medic who fired healing rays at teammates. Some medics decided to not give up on dealing damage to the enemy, dual-wielding both the healing gun and the regular blaster.

The general “strategy” evolved into running with the sensor behind your back and taking the opposing team on firing squad style. Rounds passed by quickly, but they were later extended by the dual-wielding method, a more organized approach to the game.

After a few matches and a change of teams, participants could enjoy free food. Ongoing pickup basketball and volleyball were played on the courts throughout the event. Students mingled amongst themselves as the rain passed by overhead into the night.

The Welcome Week concluding event followed Monday’s “Dinosaur Exhibit” petting zoo on Skiles Walkway and Tuesday’s “Pterodactyl Time” inflatable in front of Brittain Dining Hall. The petting zoo allowed students to engage in some quality time with a variety of creatures ranging from camels to monkeys and turtles.

All of the RHA events were a nice way for freshmen to become acclimated to their new surroundings and for returning residents to get back into the groove of college life.