Hi-Five Diner successfully replaces Villains

Photo courtesy of High-Five Diner

For those avid Atlanta diners who simply crave a sandwich named after a pop culture bad guy and will accept nothing short of that, the recent closure of the bar-cafe Villains on Peachtree Street certainly came as a shock, representing the downfall of Atlanta’s cultural dignity as we know it.

However, most people seem to welcome the Hi-Five Diner, the location’s new occupant, with open and hungry arms. The new venue, which advertises itself as a place for coffee, cocktails and diner food, manages to keep the same vibe as its predecessor, while spicing up the menu with a few new concoctions in both the food and drink departments.

Most likely due to its relatively new status on a street already populated with several prime restaurant choices, Hi-Five Diner still seems to have several tables open during the weekend dinner hours; for anyone looking for a reasonably uncrowded joint on a Sunday night, this redeeming quality should already be setting off a few favorable buzzers.

As for the actual food, the Diner specializes in breakfast, snacks, sandwiches and burgers, with soups and salads on the side for those feeling particularly peckish for the appetizer side of things.

However, for anyone who thinks that the solid side of the menu seems a little bit unsubstantial, the Diner really comes through with its drink choices. Hi-Five offers a wide range of coffees and teas, and for those patrons over 21,  a selection of beers, wines and signature cocktails for a reasonable price.

Based on this writer’s recommendation, the grilled cheese is the way to go as far as sandwiches go, and the fries on the side are nothing to shy away from either. The drinks are tasty as well, despite the slightly watered-down taste of the cocktails. All things considered, the Hi-Five Diner is a welcome addition to the Peachtree lineup, and hopefully will blossom successfully for years to come.

Our Take: 3/4 stars