HBO debuts behind-the-scenes look at Thrones

To all “Game of Thrones” fans who have been so impatient after the season 4 finale, it is time to gear up as the season 5 premiere is on the horizon, and this season should not disappoint. “Game of Thrones” is the epic fantasy TV series aired by HBO Entertainment. It deals with the mythical land of Westeros and how the five main houses in Westeros, namely the Lannisters, the Starks, the Baratheons, the Targaryens and the Tyrells fight for the throne of Westeros, the Iron Throne.

“Game of Thrones” is truly a mind-gripping and thrilling TV show that has taken the entertainment industry by a storm. From the beautiful sets and locations of the seven kingdoms to the gruesome yet amazing action scenes, from the cruelty of Jeoffrey to the kindness and humbleness of Robb, the show is truly brilliant.

Now, enough has been said and heard about the greatness of this show; let’s shift the attention to a very recent video revealed by HBO Entertainment, entitled “A Day in the Life.” The sole purpose of this video is to familiarize the audience with what it feels like in one day of the production crew’s life, as the name suggests.

The recent revelation of the “Day in The Life” video by the production crew has given viewers amazing insight into what actually goes into the making of the upcoming season of the show. One interesting fact that does not come by as a huge surprise is that this season has been shot in seven different locations and in five different countries around the world.

Moreover, “Game of Thrones” is one of the very few shows that shoots its episodes with two camera units, which allows the crew to get better angles for every scene and as a result display the acting of the characters with a larger degree of efficiency. Having said that, this technique proves to be challenging as well, because both the crews shoot at the same time, so every artist is supposed to know each other’s role in the production; if one person cannot show up, another needs to take his place, as the show must go on.

Another difficulty that the crew faces is transportation of props and other equipment. The roads and pathways in the European locations are so narrow and abrupt that every piece of equipment often needs to be carried all the way up steep hills. Moreover, since the show is shot in multiple countries, communication between the producers is crucial and proves to be a hurdle every step of the way. But it is all this hard work that gives the audience such a beautiful end result.

The crew’s amazing choice in picking out specific locations for the fishing village north of the Wall and the setting of the kingdom of Dorne is just perfect with respect to their images as portrayed by the books. In the end, the efforts of the crew in managing the chaos in the dressing rooms, maintaining stressful set timelines and creating magnificent sets has undoubtedly made viewers appreciate this amazing TV series on a whole new level.

In light of the “Day in the Life” special, many fans of the show are now wondering what can be expected of the upcoming season. Based on the video, it can be inferred that the audience is up for a grand unveiling of the kingdom of Dorne, which is shot in the exotic backdrop of Spain. This also suggests that Dorne and its inhabitants are going to play an important role in this season.

The video also reveals a sneak peak into one scene from episode 3 of season 5, where Cersei meets with the High Sparrow (Jonathan Price, “Pirates of the Caribbean”). Altogether, “A Day in the Life” is an incredible marketing stunt pulled off by HBO, and, consequently, a very successful one.

The reason that the video has become so successful is that it has created a newfound and even deeper appreciation of the show and its entire production. It has done so by showcasing the different chaotic situations that the crews need to deal with and the plethora of challenges they need to face. By giving small sneak peaks here and there, the network has created a whole new level of excitement amongst its viewers, and this excitement shall definitely show in a boon of viewership of the show come premiere time
in April.