DREAMERS land in Atlanta

Self-proclaimed cosmic rock band DREAMERS might not be Top 40, but any avid pop fans with an ear for good tunes might want to keep an eye out for this up-and-comer. In the wake of the group’s March 8 performance at the Masquerade, the Technique got the chance to ask them a few questions about what exactly makes their dynamic work.

Technique: So when did you guys first form the band, and how has the journey been so far?

DREAMERS: DREAMERS was formed in early 2014 in a tiny corner of the Milky Way galaxy, on a fleck of blue dust caught on a star…

Chris and I (Nick) were in a band called Motive, which had to go the way of all things. We spent a long period in a cocoon reinventing ourselves and emerged as a bio-luminescent butterfly, complete with Nelson on bass and a ton of new songs. DREAMERS is the result of a deluge of work and a newfound creative freedom.

Technique: Could you describe your particular brand
of music?

DREAMERS: It’s difficult to put in a box, but if we had to, grunge-pop.

Technique: Who, if anyone, would you say has influenced your musical style the most?

DREAMERS: Lennon, the ‘90s, Radiohead, dreams, etc. We are influenced by so many things; everything we hear from the past and present really melts into what we’re writing.

Technique: “Wolves” seems to be getting some traction these days. Could you describe the thought process behind the song?

DREAMERS: It just felt like another song when we wrote it, but once it was recorded and mixed, it really came to life. It’s hard to pick what people will like most, so when we’re picking a single to release, we always bring people in to see what they like. The idea around the song is that other people can pull you into their world when you get close to them, and often in relationships, you pick up the other persons habits—be they good or bad.

Technique: Have you guys ever performed in Atlanta before, and if so, how was the experience?

DREAMERS: We’ve never performed in Atlanta, but we have heard great things from fellow bands. When you’re in a new city every night and you’re in and out, you get the cliff notes to the city—a general vibe—and we’re yet to not like a place. We have a feeling we’re going to love Atlanta.

Technique: As far as future plans go, what do you guys see yourselves accomplishing in the next few months or even years?

DREAMERS: Touring and more touring. We love life on the road and really getting a chance to interact with our supporters on a cosmic level. We also have an album, “This Album Does Not Exist,” that will come out late summer, more videos, and hopefully things continue to grow as they’ve been. Then, we’ll get on to building a utopian society on the moon with the latest advances in technology and philosophy. And then, eventually, all the energy in the universe will spread out and slowly wind down through a process called entropy, and all will be still and silent, forever.