Lotus delves into origins, thoughts on current tour

Photo courtesy of SCI Fidelity

Lotus is not your average electronic music phenomenon. The instrumental ensemble originated in Indiana in the late 90s and now has released a dozen albums’ worth of electro-dance vibes. Recently, the Technique got the chance to pose a few questions to Luke Miller, the guitarist/keyboardist for the band.

First off, your musical style seems pretty unique. Could you describe it in your own words?

Electronic Dance Rock. There are a myriad of elements that go into the Lotus sound: Funk, Jamband, Electronic, Rock. But we try to make the sound one cohesive force that makes people dance, makes people experience beauty and leave with a smile on their face.

You guys have been together for several years now. How did the band first start?

Lotus started in college. We were the kids with similar musical interests in a small school in the Midwest. After graduating we decided to pursue music full time.

Lotus has released a remarkable amount of albums since your formation. What was the thought process behind Gilded Age?

Gilded Age was an attempt to capture the feeling of nostalgia. Not in the sense of the sound being retro, but mirroring the feelings of nostalgia. When you think back on life events things can be amplified to seem extra triumphant, or cloudy like you can’t remember the specific details, but only how the events made you feel.

How has your current tour been going so far?

We got warmed up for tour with a 5-day New Years Eve run. And we added some old and new material to our ever-growing repertoire of songs since then. Tour is just kicking off today, but we are ready to touch on all facets of Lotus around the country and bring out new and better music every night.

Have you ever performed in Atlanta, and if so, how has the city treated you in the past?

Yes, we’ve performed in Atlanta many times over the years. Most recently we did a sold out show at the Buckhead Theater. Atlanta has been good to us, and we are very excited to be playing at The Tabernacle for the first time.

Do you have any plans for the direction of the band after you finish this tour?

Yes. We are putting the finishing touches on our next album. We will also be doing some international shows before festival season kicks off.