Papa Roach tours to promote new album

Photo courtesy of Bicycle

Seether and Papa Roach rolled into Atlanta to rock The Tabernacle on Jan. 11. As a reformed church, the venue created the perfect atmosphere for this combination of bands. Complete with outstanding audio and killer acoustics, the Tabernacle offers a feel of rebellion and beauty that compliments rock shows flawlessly. The combination of venue and hard rock bands created a zealous and completely satisfying night for their audience.

Starting on Jan. 9 in Myrtle Beach, SC, the powerhouse double bill kicked off in high gear for their month-long tour across the U.S. While Seether has come off a year of touring worldwide, Papa Roach prepares to take the stage unaccompanied beginning Feb. 22 in Australia.

Supporting acts, Kyng and Islander, were asked to open by Seether and Papa Roach. Both bands are very new to the rock scene. Kyng, a Los-Angeles based metal band, had their debut release, Trampled Sun, in 2011. Even more recently, Islander walked onto the scene. Originating in Greenville, SC, Islander released an EP, Pains, in 2013 followed by a full studio album, Violence & Destruction, in 2014.

Islander opened the show with 45 minutes of mayhem. It was obvious that they were not as experienced as the other bands performing. They were reminiscent of a high school garage band where it is impossible to understand what is being screamed. The lead vocalist, Mikey Carvajal, spent most of his allotted time thrashing around on stage, and the bass guitarist and lead guitarist never lifted their heads between whipping their hair around. The only redeeming feature was the fact that the lead guitarist, J.R. Bareis, wore a huge Sulley tail from the movie Monsters, Inc.

After Islander finished their set list, Kyng took the stage. They were a musically talented trio with intense guitar riffs and striking vocals. While they lacked animated stage presence, the band performed songs with driving undertones and unforgettable melodies. Opening with a few of their lesser known songs, the band then pumped up the crowd with their new hit, “Electric Halo,” and finished with a cover of a rock classic, “Hot for Teacher,” originally by Van Halen.

By the time Kyng exited the stage, the crowd was ready for the headliners. Seether and Papa Roach are both seasoned rock veterans and put on a high energy, power-packed show. Though they approach a concert in two very different ways, they blended their personalities to present a memorable concert.

Seether, staying true to their nature, focused on bringing a captivating musical performance through lyrical prowess alongside reverberating harmonies. Between songs, lead vocalist and guitarist Shaun Morgan would layer a simple guitar riff left to repeat while the band changed guitars between each song. Seether allowed the audience to appreciate the music without the madness of a hardcore rock concert while still laying the stage out for Papa Roach to come on and kick it up a notch.

Papa Roach sauntered on stage, and the crowd came alive. The band is known to have a remarkable stage presence, and they did not disappoint. Lead vocalist, Jacoby Shaddix, had a strong vocal performance while also engaging the audience. By the end of  first song, the entire floor was jumping. By the third, people were crowd surfing and joining the mosh pit. They were able to keep the crowd engaged throughout their hour of performance. Even when they played a new song, “Broken as Me,” from their much anticipated album, F.E.A.R., they never lost energy, and it blended seamlessly into the set list. Shaddix made sure to incorporate many of the old Papa Roach songs that are well-known and loved, and, overall, the band encompassed the epitome of hard rock and gave an unforgettable show.

Papa Roach will release their new album, F.E.A.R., on Jan. 27 while Seether continues to promote their newest album, Isolate and Medicate, which was released last July.