October video game lineup shows promise

Photo courtesy of Nintendo

With the multitude of video and computer games coming out this year, it can be easy for fans to fall behind sometimes. To help out, the Technique has compiled a list of our top-picks for games coming out each month; so here are our most anticipated games coming this October.

Super Smash Bros.

(3DS), Oct. 3

While ardent fans of the series eagerly await with their Wii U’s for a console edition, 3DS owners can enjoy this popular fighting game on the go, featuring locations and characters both common and obscure to Nintendo’s name.

Alien: Isolation

(Windows, PS3, PS4, X360, XBO), Oct. 7

Alien: Isolation is a first-person, survival horror game, set fifteen years after the events of the original Alien movie. Deviating from the FPS focus of its poorly-received 2013 predecessor, Aliens: Colonial Marines, this title focuses on the stealth and horror aspects of the Alien franchise, more akin to its roots.


(PS4) Oct. 7

This racing game, originally set to be released on the same date as the PS4  but then pushed back in order to polish a few details, goes alongside the immensely popular racing simulator series Gran Turismo as exclusives for the PlayStation system.

Although a single-player, offline experience can be enjoyed, Driveclub mostly highlights the online multiplayer division of the game. As the name implies, players make “clubs” with up to 5 other players to race and finish challenges on tracks based from places around the world, with different factors such as weather and a day-night cycle changing the environment.

NBA 2K15

(Windows, PS3, PS4, X360, XBO) Oct. 7

This basketball game, created by 2K Sports, is the 16th installment in the annual series. Slight changes to the franchise include an implementation of a new mode called MyLeague, which differs from the previous installment by replacing MyGM with more customized options and eliminating any RPG elements.

Project Spark

(Windows, X360, XBO) Oct. 7

Project Spark is a unique gaming experience in that it allows users to create games, movies and other types of user-generated content from its flexible interface.

Starting from either an empty canvas or a pre-made environment, users can create creatures, settings and a myriad of objects, and then manipulate said creations  by use of an interface to directly command objects to do certain tasks. Worlds can be shared amongst players, and an Xbox Live Gold Membership will not be needed to play the game.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

(Windows, PS3, X360)-Oct. 14

This game takes place between the timeline of Borderlands and its sequel. The story focuses on four playable characters who were NPC’s or enemies in the previous titles, as well as adding new gameplay mechanics like low-gravity. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! stays in the same vein as the other titles, with RPG elements combined with an FPS gameplay, along with masses of loot, which can be experienced alone or in co-op.

The Evil Within

(Windows, PS3, PS4, X360, XBO) Oct. 14

This title, known as Psycho Break in Japan, is a third-person survival horror game. Most of the player’s time is spent scavenging for supplies, such as ammunition for an assortment of weapons to fight creatures from the dead.

Encapsulated within an evil force after becoming unconscious, novel and intriguing aspects to this horror game include continually transforming environments to progress story or as a result of the player’s decisions.